West Virginia Mountaineers. Arguably one of if not the hottest teams in all of college football. We knew last season that they were up and coming within the Big 12, but with Baker Mayfield and the Sooners snapping necks and chasing checks, hopes were grim for a Playoff run…

Well that is until Grier’s right middle finger decided to stop being a finger and live out its true dream, as the letter L:

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So, with the rest of the 2017 season looking like a wash, people began to look forward to the 2018 season and seeing a fully Healthy Will Grier.

And boy oh boy, am I happy that Grier is on fire this season. Not only has he exploded in Morgantown, but across the whole nation. Now, people will be saying “bUt wHAt aBoUt OKlAhOmA?” Well, I honestly think that WVU has the chance to not only sweep the Big12, but run the table and make a Natty run. 

So, if you hate Bama,OSU,UGA,Clemson, etc. then follow me along as I point out my top 5 reasons why we should not only cheer for WVU this season, but Will Grier as well…

1.WVU has the best QB/WR Duo

Incase you live in a defensive Sunken Zone and have never heard of these two, this is David Still along with Will Grier. Stills was originally a QB, but switched over to WR and has had nothing but success. But where these two make the most bang for their buck is within the Red Zone, where Grier will 9/10 times throw a Back corner fade to Stills and let the 6’4 stud go get it. While Grier is seen as the best QB for the NFL draft coming up, don’t be shocked if Stills is considered as one of the top WR’s in this draft. *Bill Belicheck starts licking his lips*

2.The Path to the Big12 Championship

With WVU rolling throught September, and October looking like an absolute SNACK, only challenges come in November with so called Texas (who is not back ever), TCU (who has dropped down), OklaSt (Who is slowly starting to gain speed), and Oklahoma (Kyler. Freaking. Murray). Now, we can expect at least OklaSt or Oklahoma to have a tick in the loss column due to the Bedlam Game, as well as Texas and Oklahoma with the Red River Rivlary. This being said, if WVU can stay on track and somehow come out on top of Oklahoma, WVU will have an easy path to the Big12 Championship. 

3. WVU In the Playoff=Electric

Ever since the CFB Playoffs have been in action, with the random ass appearance of MSU and UGA, majority of the times it has been Bama, Ohio State, and Clemson. And i’m sick and tired of it. Yes, they are elite and top tier teams. But it is just like watching the Patriots take the AFC ever damn year. This being said, WVU can come in and make some trouble for these teams and be our Eagles. Let’s say they get a 3 seed in the playoffs, this means that they will play anyone from OSU, Clemson, UGA (If somehow they beat Bama but the committee will still put Bama in at 4) or even ND. Plus, once Championship SZN comes around, you never know what will happen. So, lets get weird and see what happens come early December.

4. Defense “wins” Championships

Image result for wvu defense

Now, you may have just read the word Defense and Big12 in the same article and want to throw up. Yes, the Big12 is a Offensive Conference with Air Raid systems and score so high you think its a NBA game. But, WVU has come into this season with a little more swagger on D and it has been showing. Holding teams under 3 TD’s expect for TTU, who did score 35 but were held to a 35-10 halftime score. However, the one hiccup is the pass rush, who have only tallied 7 sacks on the season. WVU will have it more challenging opponents coming up, such as Oklahoma and Oklahoma St., but that just gives the Mountainerrs more time to prepare and fine tune their D to give those teams hell.

5. John. Denver.

I’ve written about this before and ill be damned if its not my favorite thing ever. Morgantown is electric during game days, but once you get a WIN and BOOZE involved, just hearing thousands of people sing one of the greatest country songs ever is a magical thing, and it is the rally that will propel WVU through this season. 

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