Now look, I understand what you might be thinking here. It’s special due to the nature of kids living out their life long dreams! However, wouldn’t you think that playing for you childhood school (college) be that dream as well? Wouldn’t going out there with your brothers, wearing your school colors, coming out in front of thousands of people be what you strive for? Not just working out in the Combine?

I ask all of these questions because it is astonishing to me that so many college athletes sit out and wait for the combine. I understand that it is self preservation, and I truly respect that decision. There are few things that I can’t comprehend, and why we look to the combine so frequently is one of them. Here I take a look at a couple of my hypotheses.

Lack of Football

This should come as no surprise. We’re about a month off from the Super Bowl, it’s been a couple months since the National Championship game. We just want more football, and that is precisely what I think the main source of attention is. We yearn for more, and so this is just the tiniest sample size that we can get to actually having football.

The Meme’s

Look, I’m always down for a good laugh, and sometimes that is exactly what the Combine can provide. Funny questions, hilarious GIFs, it is one of the easiest things to come around. And it is a yearly event! The combine provides a great day to not only see some impressive statistics, but it’s also a great day to have social media.

Who Doesn’t Love Football?

I’m not hating on the combine, as stated above, who doesn’t love football? It’s just something that I think that the athletes focus too much on. As I mentioned earlier, I’m all for these young men securing that bag, I just think that they wouldn’t have to prove as much as if they preform on a weekly basis for their team.

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