This is a very important topic, I’m going to focus more on the bad boys since it’s more fun. The criteria for the bad boys are going to be: 1. Penalty minutes, easy one. More penalty minutes=more dirty tricks. 2. Suspensions, if the guys are doing enough to need to be suspended they have to qualify. And 3. I don’t know. Probably just if I want to give it to them or not. Pretty much just opinion.

Now that we have settled the criteria let’s just do the top 2 because those are going to be the best.

2. Cole Smith

I’ll be honest with you, this guy is mostly here because he plays for UND. Yes, completely biased. BUT that being said, he is tied for 10th overall in penalty minutes, and he leads North Dakota in penalties. Always an impressive feat. What I find most impressive is that Smith not only leads in PIM but he also does not seem to do much else on the rink. As a total, Smith has 16 points total in the two years, I must say if he’s not scoring goals he’s at least throwing some good ol’ northern hockey hits. Smith, keep doing your thing.

1. Brennan Saulnier

Secondly, my buddy Brennan. You are unreal. Props to you, you got it all going for you. No one can ever say you don’t play with heart. Freshman year, you go and get 90 minutes of penalties. Incredible. Then you decide to chill out a little for the next two years, I like that quality in a person. Then you hit this year, man, wow, was 2017-2018 your year. You put 121 minutes in that box, and come on, we all know that a lot of that was not even in the box. You probably got tossed at least 4 times. This guy is leading college hockey in penalty minutes. He puts in 3 games over 20 minutes, and one with 15 minutes.

To be honest, Saulnier is a greased-back-hair, leather jacket wearing, ripped jeans wearing, snapping all over the place Bad Boy. There is no one else who can even come close. Game over. Saulnier will go down in history. Especially after the way he played Friday, ending the night with getting kicked out and beating up a trash can? I have no words.

Saulnier, congratulations. You get to be number 1.

If you got a guy that can top the two here let me know.

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