A big story for college hockey came out today. It wasn’t that they might pull more college hockey players for the Olympics, with the KHL considering not allowing its players to attend. It also wasn’t the preliminary list of the World Juniors Team, which is chock full of top, talented, young college hockey players. It’s the fact that St. Lawrence men’s hockey is under investigation.

St. Lawrence being in trouble is nothing new.

First, the men’s hockey program is struggling and that’s for sure. The news that came out today doesn’t help the Saints much more. They have a record of 1-12-1, but their record isn’t the trouble. St. Lawrence University released information today that they were having an “independent firm” investigate the men’s hockey team.

Rumors are flying around about what they are investigating at St. Lawrence. Some sources are saying that the team has been running practices, and conducting other team activities longer and more frequently than what’s allowed by the NCAA. A bigger allegation that is spreading is that the players have experienced verbal and mental abuse, and have been forced to play injured. This is shocking. The team has endured a hard season partly due to numerous players’ injuries.

St. Lawrence is in trouble.

Second, College Hockey News reported that they had sources at St. Lawrence that the investigation came because of emails full of detailed complaints. What does that mean? What is happening over at that university right now? The rest of D1 NCAA Men’s hockey is intrigued at what might be happening.

Everything we have heard so far are rumors, other than the official release of St. Lawrence being investigated. So we can only guess what’s going on over there. If the rumors are true about what’s going on, we can expect some serious sanctions to come down on the coaching staff. The Saints would really endure a wild rest of the season. If the rumored allegations are true, then Coach Mark Morris could potentially be out of his job. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but college hockey fans will be waiting for the investigation to conclude. Then we can all be better able to make a conclusion based off facts, not rumors.

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