Here it is; this is dedicated to the ones who do not know anything about college hockey, so you football fans and basketball people, this one is for you. This is for all the people who have never even stepped foot on ice, let alone an actual ice rink with lines, and nets. This is everything you need and want to understand about college hockey on day #1.

1. College hockey is not complicated.

Really it is not. Sometimes I hear that people are “confused” with hockey, but in reality, the players are just passing, shooting, and scoring on the net. It’s not golf so lowest score does not win, highest does, like every other sport. The team with more points at the end of three twenty-minute periods wins. After that, if they are tied, there is a five-minute overtime. Then, each conference is different. (Explained here) Sure, the game has some rules, but we’ll get to more of those later. For instance, when you run full speed into someone it’s legal, but if you run full speed into someone’s head then that’s not okay.

2. There are a bunch of teams no one even knows of.

This is a weird one for you FCS people. I am willing to bet none of you have heard of Holy Cross, Sacred Heart, or Alaska Anchorage; but yes, they have D1 college hockey teams. They get to play against big name teams. List of all the teams here.

3. People care A LOT about their team.

   Quinnipiac University’s student section

This is easy to understand. So let’s say you are a dedicated Clemson football fan, I mean DIEHARD. That is about the equivalent of being a North Dakota hockey fan. Sure, you can’t go tailgate because it’s -15 degrees Fahrenheit outside at game time, but that does not mean you can’t have a good time in the rink. The atmosphere inside is unlike anything you will ever see. The people inside are quite often hammered, screaming, and willing to give anything to see their team win. College hockey fans are crazy, they’re nuts. If you don’t believe that, go to a game, then you’ll end up hooked.


Check back for future parts of my college hockey education soon!

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