"Ratings don't last.  Good journalism does." - Dan Rather

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Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Stephen A. Smith

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant

Favorite Team: UAlbany Great Danes

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The Summer Olympics

Best tradition at your college: The end of the year fountain jump.  Students jump into the fountain that sits in the middle of campus.

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: City Line Grill

Best class you’ve ever taken: World Prespective on News

“Johnny Football 2.0”: Baker Mayfield’s Senior Year

While watching Baker Mayfield implant the Oklahoma Sooners flag into the center of the Ohio State Buckeyes home field, my “What An Asshole” alert system went off. This system hasn’t gone off in a while.The last time it went off was around the time of Johnny “Johnny Football” Manziel, former Texas A&M Quarterback. Ever since […]

O.J Simpson + USC Football Program = True Love or Tinder Disaster?

Orenthal James (O.J) Simpson, aka “The Juice”, former USC running back, was released from Lovelock Correctional Center (Las Vegas, Nevada) on October 1st, 2017. O.J was serving a nine-year sentence for a guilty conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping. This robbery and kidnapping case was one of the biggest court cases in the year 2007. […]

3 Factors That Make a True Freshmen QB “Choke”

College freshmen all across America have a reputation of trying to be the “cool guy” when it’s their first time in a new place, or campus in this case. Most of these “cool” moments involve them being at parties that usually end with these first-year students puking into toilets of frat houses, with friends filming […]

The Three-Point Line: Creator of NCAA Legends

Since its introduction in 1986, three-point shooting has not only changed the game of college basketball, it has also given the smaller-size players a chance to become “Legendary Sharpshooters” of this, somewhat, ancient sport. These ‘sharpshooters,’ a term in basketball referring to players who can shoot the basketball from far away with sniper precision, have […]

Something More Valuable than Designer Clothes: Was it Worth it?

Three UCLA players (LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill) were arrested on November 7 by Chinese police officers for shoplifting in Shanghai, China. This poor choice of action by these three young men has created a “shame grenade” and it sprayed judgment-filled shrapnel across the internet. Whenever this kind of “social-explosion” happens, it creates […]

The King and All of His Men: Grayson Allen and the Four Starting Freshmen

Duke will continue to compete in the Phil Knight Invitational (PK80) after their 99-81 victory over Portland State Thursday and a close one over Texas on Friday. This victory creates a 7-0 record for the Blue Devils in non-conference play. This impressive record adds fuel to the discussion of whether or not Grayson Allen, the […]

Great Danes Taking Huge Bites Early, But Are The Eyes Bigger Than The Stomach?

University at Albany’s men’s basketball team is  off to a fiery start this year. So far, the Great Danes have earned a solid record of 7-1, after taking down some high ranked preseason teams out of conferences like the Patriot League (Colgate, Holy Cross, Boston University), Ivy League (Yale, Dartmouth), and the MAAC (Iona). They […]

Why People DON’T Watch America East Basketball.

After being established in 1979, The America East (AE) has struggled with creating big TV numbers and obtaining a strong base of loyal fans. Especially when it comes to competing against larger conferences like the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) or the Big East. It’s hard to build a bigger brand name team in order to […]

The Pirates Are Moving Forward With The Sails Set At Full Speed

Coming off an 89-68 win against Wagner University, the #23 AP poll ranked Seton Hall Pirates improved their overall record to 10-2, which is very impressive for a small school in the Big East conference to accomplish. The Pirates have earned a good reputation for starting their seasons out at full sail, with victories against […]

Should the NCAA 3-point line be changed?

After I watched Marquette’s star point guard, Markus Howard, hit 11 three-point shots in an overtime win against Providence on January 3, I started thinking… If we changed the NCAA’s three-point line (arc radius of 20 feet 9 inches), which is also known as the giant ring that surrounds the hoop for anyone not familiar […]

America East Basketball: The Good and The Bad

America East basketball is now in full swing. Every team has already shown their worth and they are ready to battle through their conference games for the number one spot at the end of the season. It’s still too early to tell who exactly is going to be the next America East champ. However, with […]