While watching Baker Mayfield implant the Oklahoma Sooners flag into the center of the Ohio State Buckeyes home field, my “What An Asshole” alert system went off. This system hasn’t gone off in a while.The last time it went off was around the time of Johnny “Johnny Football” Manziel, former Texas A&M Quarterback.

Ever since “Johnny Football”, it’s been impossible to find the next college football star to add to my list of “What An Asshole” type of quarterbacks. Once I saw Mayfield jam that Sonner flag into the green field of Ohio Stadium, I hit the off button on the alert system and proclaimed:
“Here comes Johnny Football 2.0.”

After the whistle blew in the Ohio Stadium, Mayfield, in a heat of passion, did a victory lap with his team flag and was probably screaming “let’s go baby” at the top of his lungs, in a “hey look at me, I’m an asshole” type of way. Once he finished his little jog, he went to the middle of the field where the Buckeyes team logo, The “O” is located. He then took his flag, which was attached to a pole, and jammed it right in the middle of that circle. I will save all the “that’s what she said” jokes for later. But honestly, It was absolutely a giant middle finger to the entire Ohio State team. Every mother in America must have dropped their casseroles when that moment came on their television screens.

Don’t get me wrong, Mayfield had every right to flex his muscle, or flag and be a giant asshole that night in Ohio. His team came in under-ranked and had to prove there worth. Which they did, with a 31-16 win over Ohio State. Mayfield even blew up the box score with his stats (386 Passing yards, Avg 11.0 per throw, 3 TD’s, 0 Int). It was clear that Mayfield came to play that night.

It was one of those unforgettable scenes in college football. It’s almost like that sign of disrect could eventually be a trademarked move for Mayfield. This kind of trademarked move could drive a players popularity through the stratosphere. Which is happening to Mayfield right now, in a sense.

Mayfield having that certain brand of popularity is what made me think of Manziel so much. Manziel had this swagger to him. He had the kind of swagger that could only be compared to the cocky strut of UFC Champion, Connor McGregor. Having this cockiness is another reason why Manziel was turned into an iconic asshole. The college sports world couldn’t get enough of him, and neither could I.

“Johnny Football” already earned his spot in my prestigious mental museum,”Hall of Assholes” a while ago. Believe me, it was an easy decision. If I had to make a video to showcase why he earned the spot in the ‘Hall,’ it would be a huge montage of him flipping off the away team’s fans, and throwing up the “get money” hand signal; that he would show to the world every time he threw a TD. Those two showcases of “assholeness” gave meaning to the name “Johnny Football.”

Manziel had the stats to back up his cockiness, which is what made him the icon that he is. His senior year at Texas A&M filled up the stat sheet (69% Throwing Pct, 4,114 Passing Yards, 37 TD’s). Nobody could comprehend how this guy who does nothing but talk shit all year, could put up such efficient numbers like that. Same goes for Mayfield and his senior year at Oklahoma, which is still in progress, but his season has already racked up 1,937 Passing Yards, 17 TD’s, 72% Throwing Pct, with only one interception going into week 8. Even with all these stats, Mayfield’s cockiness and disregard for opponents home field respect still stands out the most, which is the reason why he will earn his spot in my “Hall of Assholes.”

It’s easy to tell then that Mayfield is on his way to not only to the Heisman podium, but also into my legendary ‘Hall.’ More assholeness is sure to come from Mayfield. I can’t wait for it, and the world can’t wait for it. But until then, I will be watching closely while on break from building my next “Asshole Shrine” for the collection.

Will I dedicate the spot to Mayfield? The world will just have to wait to find out.

Photo Credit: Cody Goggin, Student Union Member.

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