Everyone and their sisters know that David Stern was the worst commissioner in the history of sports, hated by basically every basketball and sports fan. What people don’t know is just how evil his actions really were. People have long believed Khloe Kardashian was the main reason for Lamar Odom getting addicted to crack and almost overdosing on Viagra in a brothel. The Jenner and Kardashian curse is duly noted, but its time to change that narrative, Lamar Odom getting addicted to crack was ALL David Sterns doing.

Picture this: Its 2011 and Chris Paul was just traded to the Lakers for Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom and Goran Drogic. This trade was supposed to bring Kobe Bryant and LA another title before Kobe became of age and they had to start over. This trade never happened because David Stern blocked the trade from happening for “basketball reasons.” What basketball reasons could be behind not letting a young superstar like Chris Paul going to the Lakers other than the crooked commish basically owning the New Orleans Hornets at the time and not wanting them to blow up and lose money. The Hornets were a league owned team at the time and were stuck in the middle of finding an owner so it really caused chaos when Stern decided to block this trade from going through for everybody involved.

Now had this trade actually gone through, the New Orleans Hornets might have actually won this trade in the long term with a couple all stars heading there at the time in Dragic and Odom. Lamar Odom leaving LA around this time would have been perfect because he would have been in New Orleans, a party city with numerous other women and there is just no way he and Khloe Kardashian would have stayed together. Lamar would have just binge drank for the entire time he was there… like most other New Orleans athletes. Instead Lamar winds up in Dallas playing for the Mavericks the next season. He needed Khloe in Dallas because Dallas is a boring, supermodel-less city in comparison to Los Angeles and New Orleans.

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David Stern may have conspired with the Kardashian family to keep Lamar Odom from going to New Orleans just so him and Khloe could keep dating. Kris Jenner pulls the strings around LA so you never really know. All we can confirm now is that Lamar Odom almost died in a whore house because he took too many penis enhancements pills and a little crack. I think David Stern and the Kardashians worked together to keep Lamar Odom from going to New Orleans so the couple could stay together. I understand David Stern and the Kardashians are basically the most hated public figures in America, but this makes them so much worse. So a big fuck you to David Stern and the Kardashians for ruining Lamar Odoms life, and God Speed to Lamar Odom on getting better and becoming a wholesome man again. Stay as far away from that poisonous family as possible.

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– Johnny Rambos

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