As we approach the weekend, I can only hope that everyone here has recovered from their Fourth of July escapades. Just because Independence Day has passed doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate our freedom all weekend. Many of you are probably in agony (and debt) over bad world cup picks, but don’t be afraid to get back on the horse, you have to make the money back somehow.

This week, we have some throwbacks, as well as some underrated bangers that I had never even listened until today. The theme this week was no theme, as this was one of the most eclectic groups of songs I have ever laid my eyes on. We have a fire playlist of 15 songs for you this weekend, so grab your drink of choice, get yourself a chair, and get a load of this week’s pregame jams.


Zombie (Bit Deff Remix)- Through The Roots/ Worry No More- Diplo, Lil Yachty, and Santigold/ Excuse Me- ASAP Rocky

One of my favorite parts of Friday Fire is actually the “research” of the song (listening to it), because it opens up a lot of doors I was unaware of. So gold star for you this week, Andy because I had never heard of the first two songs on this list before today. But man, Zombie kinda creeped me out.


Bad meets Evil- Eminem & Royce da 5’9/ Welcome to Hell- Bad Meets Evil

Anthony is definitely in a shady mood this weekend, bringing us two Eminem collab tracks. As he later pointed out, both of these are throwbacks: the first being released in 99, with the duo’s full album dropping in 2012. For whatever reason, this makes me feel older than I am.


7 & 7- Turnpike Troubadours/ Feathered Indians- Tyler Childers/ More Than a Fever- Midland

I gotta give it to my-MSU-from-another-state-bro, he gifted us with some gems this week. I’ve had the Turnpike Troubadours on a lot of my playlists, so they are near and dear to my heart. His selections are almost as hot as one of his takes in his article earlier this week, which you can see here:

Throwback: Were the 2013 Spartans the Best Team in Big Ten History?


Life Goes On- Lil Baby/ Dare You to Move- Switchfoot/ Tubthumping- Chumbawamba

If any of you got knocked down on after the events of the fourth, nothing will get back up again like Tubthumping, one of the dumbest, yet most inspirational tracks you will ever here. I also discovered Switchfoot during the 2011 BCS National Championship game, when they played the theme for it. Once again, that makes me feel old.


Flare Guns- Quinn XCII/ Brand New- Ben Rector

“Flare Guns” is the kind of song that I would listen to right before I crack open a drink, as it feels like the perfect song to relax to when you know the night is about to get extremely hectic.  Ben Rector once played at Mississippi State and from what I heard, he was awesome. I also love Brand New, and jammed to it all freshman year.


Watch-Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s 5 month old child has a shoe closet that contains, but is not limited to, Gucci Flats and Air Jordan’s. I am speechless. I honestly don’t know what else I can add to this selection besides the fact that I own 4 pairs of shoes total.


Verified- ASAP Ferg/ Hard Times- Paramore 

Paramore has been a guilty pleasure of mine since I played “Misery Business” on Guitar Hero, and I will happily listen to any of their songs that I come across, plus Hayley Williams was born like 45 minutes from Starkville. The same music group at MSU that booked Ben Rector also booked ASAP Ferg. We honestly never know who the hell they are gonna give us.


Purple Teeth-LANY/ At the Beach- The Avett Brothers

As we start to move into peak July, I wanted to gift the folks with some summer music. If you have never listened to LANY before, you need to jump on the train now, because these guys are gonna be HUGE. It was difficult for me to choose just one song from them, so I just closed my eyes and played one. I, unfortunately, am not drinking on a beach right now, but this Avett Brothers song *almost* makes me think I am.

That wraps up this weeks Friday Fire, folks. I hope we all take on this weekend like it is the Fourth all over again. As always, keep your beers cold and your head high, it’s the weekend. Oh, and don’t break your hand like Jake Fromm, that’s a bad look.

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