What up Student Section?

With basketball season now over (shout out to GQ Jay and the boys) and college football 140 days from kickoff we decided to try something new over  at Student Union.  We are going to post a playlist every Friday known as the Friday Fire.  Our contributors will all suggest a couple songs they are currently vibing to, to help you get your weekend kicked off.  Without any further ado here is the FIRST edition of the Friday Fire:

Here is how the breakout of songs came out:

Dance With Me, Steady Mobbin – Brandon Morris.  Our fearless leader and old man of the group.  Expect mostly early 2000s music from him

The Boys are Back in Town – Liam Smith.  Lot of songs about love, but only one about the boys being back in town.

L$D, Jump out the Window – Andy Jones.  I don’t know…..nothing snarky to say here.

The Middle, Never Be the Same – Clemson Carl.  Couple safe choices here from Carl, both very popular songs, both go super hard though.

Everyday, Psycho – Cody Goggin.  Bit of a surprise choice from Cody, as he has never indicated being much of a rap fan.

World is Yours, Black Smoke Rising, Once In a Lifetime – Johnny Rambos.  Rambos has a WIDE range of music taste.  Anything from classic rock, to trap, to old school country.  This personifies it.

Raw – Anthony Ventura.  Anthony thinks Eminem is the best rapper ever so little surprise here.

Freaky Friday, In My Head – Frank Fanelli.  Freaky Friday is another perfect example of Chris Brown being as talented as he is an asshole.  Guy sucks at life but puts out HEAT.

Let us know how we did and try not run through too many walls while listening to this playlist.




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