Wes Clark scored 25 points, Jeremy Harris added 23 and 13th seeded Buffalo Bulls pulled off the biggest upset of the NCAA Tournament’s opening round. They absolutely rolled over the No. 4 seeded Arizona Wildcats 89-68 in the South Region on Thursday night. The smaller-sized Bulls used their quickness to zip around the Wildcats, scoring at the rim and on kick out 3-pointers. Seriously, Buffalo couldn’t miss out behind the arch. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. They shot 50% from three, including FIFTEEN deep balls.

Defensively, Buffalo neutralized Arizona’s size inside by collapsing on the paint, which forced the Wildcats to shoot from the perimeter. Arizona went 2 for 18 from beyond the 3-point arc, while the Bulls knocked down 15 of 30. CJ Massinburg had 19 points and Buffalo shredded Arizona’s defense at a 55-percent clip for the program’s first NCAA Tournament win. The Bulls move on to face Kentucky in Saturday’s round of 32.

Dusan Ristic had 16 points, and Deandre Ayton finished with 14 points and 13 rebounds to lead Arizona. Arizona has played through one of the most difficult seasons in program history. The Wildcats were twice entangled in a federal investigation into nefarious recruiting practices and lost one of their best players twice to injury. Trier missed two games after testing positive for the same banned substance that cost him 19 games a year ago. You must have an IQ of a damn walnut if you get in trouble doing the SAME thing. Like Trier is a dumbass. I am just baffled at this right now. HOW THE FUCK does the best player in the fucking COUNTRY manage to have the worst game of his life against the Buffalo Bulls of all teams. Ayton played almost the whole game in 40ish minutes. YET HE ONLY MANAGED 14 fucking points, how does that happen. Somone please explain to me because I could of played better then he did tonight. Dear lord Arizona is ASS.

Here are a few examples of how ass they are, Exhibit A:

Why the hell and how the hell do you leave a guy SO WIDE OPEN he can run to the bathroom and get back before a Wildcat defender is on him.

Exhibit B:

ONCE AGAIN, how the fuck does the best player in the country let someone from the MAC drive baseline on him. That was so fucking easy my grandma could have done it, and she’s 90.

Exhibit C:

Yes, let’s turn the ball over when no one is around us. Yes, let’s leave a guy wide open in the corner and not run to him to close out. AMAZING PLAN.

Exhibit D:

Last but not least, once again Harris put THE BEST PLAYER in the country on fucking skates. I’ve seen better defense from a fucking male penguin guarding their eggs from sea lions.


The Wildcats were the No. 4 seed in the South, but Buffalo was not an easy opening game for the Wildcats. The Bulls are fast, play up-tempo and shoot the 3. Which are all areas the Wildcats have struggled against this year. Arizona had trouble keeping up with the quicker Bulls early and had trouble getting the ball inside to Ayton. Harris and Clark used their quickness to combine for 27 first-half points, and the Wildcats went 1 for 8 from 3-point range to trail Buffalo 40-38. Buffalo used a similar blueprint to build a 65-55 lead midway through the second half. Massinburg banked in a 3-pointer to stretch the lead to 13 and the Bulls kept building it, racing off to the program’s biggest victory. And last but not least, how the hell do you run through the PAC-12 tournament and then look like a fucking high school JV team who were randomly thrown together before their first game. I need answers. Will forever hate Arizona now for how poorly they played and I can’t wait to see Miller’s sweaty ass get canned. Go fuck yourself Arizona. I hope this picture makes every Arizona fan cry for days.


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