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Hometown: Old Bridge, New Jersey

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Who ever ESPN fires next

Favorite Athlete: Udonis Haslem

Favorite Team: Jets/Rutgers/Yankees/Knicks

Best tradition at your college: Chanting "Fuck Penn State"

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Tacoria

Best class you’ve ever taken: Labor Relations and Professional Sports

Top Pro Prospects From Each FBS Conference

Fur’s pro prospects, Football season is upon us people, so I figured I’d celebrate by throwing out my predictions for the best pro prospects from each FBS conference. Every year you’ll put on that random MAC vs Sun Belt game and see some player who looks pretty good, then next thing you know he’s playing slot […]

Student Union Preview ACC Awards

This year is the first in recent history all awards feel like they’re finally up for grabs with Mr. Lamar Jackson, who won the ACC player of the year award in 2016 and 2017, entering the NFL draft. The ACC has a rich history of football and I’m here to break down another yearly installment […]

The Types of Transfers in College Football

Transfers Studs like J.J Watt, Aaron Rodgers, Alvin Kamara, and Baker Mayfield all had to do some sort of transferring when they were a college student. I went to three different schools in three years, so I’d consider myself somewhat qualified to write an article on this. So we’ve got graduate transfers, 1 year sit […]

Student Union CFB Preview: Rutgers

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights proved that they still have some growing pains to go through since joining the Big Ten.  They had two nice wins at home against Maryland and Purdue in 2017 and also had a solid road win against Illinois as well, which was their first Big Ten road win in the history […]

SEC Fallout: The Butch Jones and Brett Bielema Story

From head coaches to..well we’re still not entirely sure. Bret Bielema and Butch Jones were both coaches in the SEC just last year and now they have mostly disappeared from the public eye. Butch Jones is now making a killing… 35k a year to be a analyst for Nick Saban at Alabama. I mean damn, that’s […]

Would You Rather?: Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers

Arguing …something all friends do. You remember having millions of debates about sports with your friends. From best football player, to who should win the Heisman Trophy, and to what conference has the best team. Today we’re going to play a game of would you rather. I’m going to give you two choices for each […]

Could Zion Williamson be a two sport athlete?

Everyone is freaking out about Zion Williamson being 285 pounds. This happened early this week when Duke listed their 2018-2019 roster. I love this;  basketball experts are thinking he is too heavy to play basketball. We have seen plenty of players be over 300 pounds, so I don’t understand why this is such a big […]

Ryan Day: THE New Coach Of Ohio State

New Beginnings, New Hampshire.. Ryan Day yesterday became the head coach of THE Ohio State University. If you somehow missed all the news because you have no wifi or live under a rock, Urban Meyer got the boot. Most people might think of Ryan Day as a Urban Meyer disciple but he really began under […]

Student Union CFB Preview: Arizona State

The Sun Devils have a new light shining on them with the hire of Head Coach Herm Edwards. Edwards also brings with him a ton of NFL  talent in guys like Antonio Pierce and Kevin Mawae to held turn the Sun Devils program around. The Sun Devils aren’t here to just play but play to […]

New Rivalry: Battle for the Fist Pump Trophy

Rutgers has scheduled Monmouth University as a 2020 opponent, finally providing us with a real battle at the shore. Well, hopefully Rutgers will blow Monmouth out… Now I understand most of the country just shits on New Jersey, but if it wasn’t for us none of you would have football so be thankful. Rutgers vs […]

Student Union CFB preview: LSU

The SEC is the hardest conference all year round. For instance, LSU Tigers had the 15th overall recruiting ranking last year but 5th in the SEC. Ed Orgeron is heading into his 3rd season as the Tigers head coach. Coming off a 9-4 season is usually a good thing but when you’re stuck behind Alabama […]