The Worldwide Leader in Sports made some headlines yesterday, snagging Katie Nolan from Fox Sports to take on a role with ESPN. I saw this as a complete shock because I did not think ESPN was looking for those types of personalities. Then, more news came out that Barstool Sports’ premier podcast, Pardon My Take, would become a weekly show on ESPN2.


Pres tweets this…


Yes, it gets better. HE TWEETS THIS 6 minutes after the last tweet!!….

I couldn’t believe that my emotions were getting played by Dave. I never thought that HE… OF ALL PEOPLE… Would just toss us Stoolies around like we think Saturday’s are for the Girls.

He then posts this article to end the ride on the roller coaster, until you ride another one in the future, short or near, who knows?

Basically, to sum up the short article, he only confirms they are in the works with something with ESPN, but PFT and Big Cat will continue to be full time Barstool guys. Dave also takes a shot at FS1, ESPN and Katie Nolan saying, “You don’t buy us out like they bought out FSI and Katie Nolan. We BUY you out.”

He also compares Katie Nolan to the “Andrew Luck of Sports Media”, saying she is no where near Big Cat and PFT, and shouldn’t be mentioned, “in the same breath” as them.

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I love it all. It is everything I had ever hoped. Pres and Barstool are going to take over sports media and it will be glorious. Let’s get some good news coverage, covering all sports, with some characters. I would like to listen to those guys cover sports, on a national level. They changed the game completely, and good for ESPN for changing the people they hire. Enough with your random hires. Other sports outlets are now ahead of you, so go take from them.

I applaud ESPN, Barstool, and mainly Mr. Dave Portnoy, for not only changing the sports media industry, but also for not giving into ESPN and selling short. Dave knows where sports media is going, because of how fast they’ve grown. If they really wanted to, they could continue doing it by themselves, and just wait until ESPN begs them to buy them out, and salvage whatever is rest of ESPN. Or, they could just change the culture of a pre-existing power.

You know what they say, “Work smarter, not harder.”

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