We Might Actually Burn the Place Down this Week

Well well well, we have another week in the books people, and you know what that means. I don’t know about everyone else, but my weekend is about to consist of college baseball and some cold brews. We have a pretty loaded group of events to watch this weekend, ranging from the US Open to the College World Series to the World Cup, or even regular season MLB. Plus, we have Father’s Day coming up, which is a fantastic excuse to get drunk with your family. We have nearly hit peak summer folks, and it is time to grab the bull by the horns and go buck wild. So without further ado, here is this week’s FRIDAY FIRE.


Doses and Mimosas by Cherub/ Son of a Son of a Sailor and One Particular Harbor by Jimmy Buffet

So boss man is heading to the lake this weekend and he is coming off the top rope with an absolute banger to get us started. Nothing brings me back to freshman year quite like this song, and it is an absolutely perfect pick me up to get you and the boys going the next morning after a long night out. And of course, if you are even REMOTELY close to water, Jimmy Buffet is a must.


Bills by LunchMoney Lewis/ You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon/ Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

Hell. Yes. These three tracks are will get you ready for the weekend. Bills is perfect for an end of the week jam, and You Can Call Me Al is just the type of song you want to hear in the bar on Friday night. Ocean Avenue will always have a space in my heart, and I will belt out the lyrics whenever that beautiful song starts playing.


Juicy Wiggle by Redfoo/ Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue by Toby Keith/ Where Them Girls At by David Guetta

Man, I love some Toby Keith and nothing says a weekend in the summer quite like country music (@ me if you wanna fight. @Jacobthemanley). I know nothing of Redfoo besides the fact that he was half of LMFAO, which was once a thing (waddup, Jersey Shore?). D. Guetta is always throwing out fire tracks and this one is no different.


Bigger Than You by 2 Chainz/ Born to Be Yours by Kygo and Imagine Dragons

These… are two very different artists, so props to Frank for that. 2 Chainz is always welcome in Friday Fire, and the new Kygo literally dropped today, so no one can ever accuse our boy of being behind on the music scene. I don’t know if you can ever beat the Imagine Dragons/Kendrick collab, but this might be as close as we get.


N.Y. State of Mind by Nas/ Back Down South by Kings of Leon

It’s been a minute since Nas has popped up on anything I listened to, and I actually didn’t realize that this song was Nas’, so that’s on me. Kings of Leon, however, are mostly known for two songs, which is a shame, because you can jam to most of their songs, many of which are better than “someone like you” (again, @ me).


Your Love by The Outfield/ Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison/ Thief by Ookay

Lets. Freaking. Go. My Bulldogs are in the College World Series, I’m about to have a drink in my hand, and the city of Starkville is full of beautiful women. So my gift to y’all is a few of the baseball team’s walkout songs. Enjoy, and if you don’t have rooting interest this weekend, do keep the diamond dawgs in mind. That’s your Friday Fire for the week my friends, make me proud this weekend.

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