"And, we are going to GET SOME:  Go every time so others may every time" - Coach Rick Vice

Twitter: @thetraitorjoe

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Bill Connelly

Favorite Athlete: Patrick Kane

Favorite Team: Chicago Blackhawks

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: Stanley Cup

Best tradition at your college: Homecoming, Oklahoma State goes balls to the wall with floats.

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Contrary to popular belief, Eskimo Joe's is NOT the best burger joint in Stilly.  The Garage Burgers and Beer.

Best class you’ve ever taken: Aviation History

Pinch Jim McElwain, He’s Having a Nightmare

No, it’s not that Jim McElwain got to school and realized he was in his boxers…that’d be preferable to the hellish, absurd week that the former Florida Head Coach has endured. Nor is he being mistaken for a man naked, humping a shark, although that is the most Florida thing anyone’s ever done. As of […]

Rumor Roundup: Chip Kelly to Florida

Since the Jim McElwain debacle and our fascinating article by the most attractive writer here at SU, Florida has been in limbo. Gator fans have since collectively decided that the 2017 season matters very little in the shadow of the new head coaching search. We ran down who we thought would be considered by the […]

Coaching Carousel 2017: Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between

While the CFP gods release their rankings to us and the world, schools that won’t hear their names have been letting their coaches go, and beginning that wonderful process we all loved on NCAA 14 (RIP): The Coaching Carousel. So, in the spirit and remembrance of NCAA 14, which many of us here at Student […]

All Big 12 Names

This past week, the Big 12 came out with their All-Conference Honors. So, in honor of the Big 12 Honors, we’ve compiled the list of the best names in the Big 12. We’ve given you a first and second team in the same fashion as the Big 12, and we hope you enjoy it. All […]

The Big 12 Championship: An Exercise in Frivolity

Saturday we got to watch Baker Mayfield (ugh) and the Oklahoma Sooners beat up on a Gary Patterson/Kenny Trill TCU team that looked like it hadn’t seen a football since last December when they got spanked by Georgia in the Liberty Bowl. While many sports fans might have a different conclusion from today’s game, this […]

Big 12 Bowl Preview: Help Us, Iowa State; You’re Our Only Hope

Okay, so maybe not our only hope… But the rest of the Big 12 would definitely appreciate your help on this one. As the regular season winds down and the bowl season gears up, each team has to evaluate their future competition, and take a few weeks to prepare for a team in another conference. […]

Big 12 Bowl Preview: Texas is (Kinda) Back

Okay, so not “back back,”  but close enough They’re back in a bowl game, and honestly, at the end of any season, that’s about as much as you can ask for. Now I know the OrangeBlood faithful wanted an Ehlinger Heisman, an 11-0 season and a walloping of OWho, but that’s just not how the cookie […]

Big 12 Bowl Preview: Time to Follow Through, TCU

Disappointed by this year? Yeah, me too. Now that Big 12 competition is over, pretty much all of us are disappointed for y’all. This was a really promising year, and losing to OU twice never feels good, but finishing second isn’t bad. In fact, considering the current coaching climate, TCU is in a pretty damn […]

Big 12 Bowl Preview: Wreck USF, Texas Tech

Red Raiders Face Charlie Strong, Again Ah, Charlie. The man, the myth, the coach who can’t seem to get it right. The man beat himself so often at Texas it was honestly laughable. Toward the beginning of the season, it looked like the Bulls might follow in the footsteps of the ‘Horns and lay an […]

Oklahoma State DC Glenn Spencer Fired

In a relatively unexpected move, Mike Gundy announced Thursday that Glenn Spencer will no longer be working in his capacity as defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State. Gundy made no comment as to the reasoning, but Spencer’s lack of productivity is surely behind the move. Spencer, who started at OSU in 2008, spent time as the […]

The UCF Problem, and a Drastic Solution

The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem And holy shit, CFB do we have a problem. Ever since the end of bowl season, I’ve been hung up on what I’ve been calling “The UCF Problem.” If you haven’t heard, there’s minor contention about Alabama’s CFP victory and UCF’s undefeated season. So what’s the […]

A New QB Type in Stillwater

A Changing Offense Change is one of the biggest aspects of coaching a Big 12 team not named Texas or Oklahoma. Teams like Texas Tech and Oklahoma State have constantly thrived on changing offenses and adapting to the circumstances around them. Tech adopted the Air Raid, OkState has an RPO-based spread system. The Pokes also […]

RE: Official Statement Revisions

President of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, released a statement regarding the many allegations and FBI probes against NCAA issues. While the sentiment was good, his past and general sliminess are not. If I had power over him or a working relationship with him at all, this is what I would say: Hey, Mark, I took […]

Film Study: Triple Option Evolution

The Read-Option Spread: A Butterfly The spread that is proliferate in college football today is the natural evolution of another style of play. If the spread (particularly the brand of read-option spread football) is a butterfly, then the triple option is the caterpillar. Most Big 12 teams run this style of offense, predicated on RPO’s […]