Unlike most sports media outlets, a large majority of writers here at Student Union are huge fans of Barstool Sports and the impact they have had on how we consume our sports news. In my mind, Barstool Sports is the perfect mix of personality and sports coverage, so I figured I’d pay a little tribute to the site and provide Stoolies with the blog they never knew they needed…Barstool Bloggers and their college football counterparts.

El Presidente (Dave Portnoy): Johnny Manziel

No brainer on this one.  The similarities between Club Dave and Johnny Football are absolutely uncanny. Lets think about this for a second. Both are constantly facing scrutiny in the media. Both embrace the heel role whole-heartedly, and both rarely (if ever) apologize. Both absolutely love to party, even though there teammates/coworkers hate on them for it. Both allegedly enjoy the recreational use of nose beers (confirmed use of Adderall in Dave’s case), and both live for stirring up controversy. It also makes sense to mention that Manziel hasn’t played a down of college football since 2013, but definitely still parties with college kids. Similarly, El Pres tends to surround himself with a much younger crowd, including his 21 year old pizza maker of a best friend.

Side Note: I love it when celebrities embrace the villain role, so naturally I’m a huge #GoPresGo Guy.

PFT Commenter: Hunter Renfrow

There is one word that comes to mind when I think of these two guys, and that word is “Grit.” At first glance, it seems like neither of these men have any of the intangibles needed to succeed in their respective professions. Renfrow in the sense that he is 5’10” with the body type of a JV soccer player, and PFT in the sense that he is famous blogger, yet is somehow incapable of forming complete sentences in his weekly column. However, despite the adversities both of these men face, week in and week out they prove their worth. Whether its catching game winning touchdowns in the national championship, or creating the number one sports podcast in the nation, gritty guys will always find a way to succeed.

Big Cat: Lamar Jackson

There aren’t to many college football fans with a burning hatred for Lamar Jackson, in fact, I’d say he’s one of the most liked players in the NCAA right now. Even if he dropped 40+ points on your team, you can’t help but respect the man. Same can be said for Barstool Big Cat…the man is simply impossible to hate. Even ESPN employees that he puts in a body bag on a weekly basis respect the man…Hell, ESPN even tried to give him a show before they decided they couldn’t handle the publicity that came with Barstool Sports.

Much like Lamar Jackson, Big Cat has potentially been held back by the the “team” he plays for, but that doesn’t stop him from working his ass off to put up big numbers every chance he gets. Also, rumor has it that Lamar hopped on the Ketosis diet plan after he heard that it had been recommended by Big Cat’s top nutritionist.

Smitty: Baker Mayfield

Only one word can properly sum up these two humans….Hardoooo. Don’t get me wrong, I love Smitty, but I can’t deny that he is a major try-hard. If you have seen his intramural softball video, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If Smitty was a college quarterback, I could 100 percent see him planting his teams flag in the center of the opposing teams field after every game…In fact, he would absolutely live for that shit. Both dudes are also definitely the type to rock their High School Letterman’s while walking around their college dorms. With this being said, hardo’s make the world go round, and I appreciate both Smitty and Baker for embracing the role.

Eric Nathan (Nate:) Eric Dungey

Every fan of barstool knows that Nate is a little spider monkey that just loves to cause trouble…So when I see Syracuse’s Eric Dungey giving even the most elite of defenses trouble, I can’t help but think of my man Nate. “Oh Clemson is on its way to an undefeated season and another national championship!” Nope, not if spider monkey Eric Dungey has anything to say about it. Both of these dudes just love to watch the world burn. Also, worth mentioning that neither Nate or Dungey will hesitate to lower the shoulder and truck stick your ass (Shout Out Young Pageviews).

Caleb Pressley: Caleb Pressley

This might be the only man on the list who is actually more of a college athlete than he is a blogger. While he’s now known for his work with Barstool 5th Year and his podcast Young and Happy, back in the day he was quite the athlete. My man had two pass attempts during his entire college career, which is actually two more blogs then he has written in the past month. While he never really got the chance to shine on the field, he thrived as the UNC football teams “Director of Morale”, which may or may not be a title he just completely made up. He gets some hate from the Barstool comment section, but I’ve got faith in CP16. Just watch, “That boy bout to do it.”

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