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Favorite Team: Notre Dame Football

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Notre Dame Football 2018: Where Do They Go Now?

After coming off their disappointing 4-8 season in 2016, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had what many would consider an exceptional bounce-back year, going 10-3. They were able to pick up their 10th win in a thrilling, albeit sloppy, 21-17 victory over the LSU Tigers in the Citrus Bowl. An element that contributed a good deal […]

Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide: Easy to Hate, Hard Not to Respect

For the 5th time in just 9 seasons, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team have won the national championship. The now 13-1 Crimson Tide were able to overcome a 13 point deficit late in third quarter. Of course, they were facing their former defensive coordinator turned head coach Kirby Smart and his SEC champion Georgia Bulldogs. […]

Should We Speculate Whether or Not Josh Allen Actually Knows Who the Browns Are?

As of recently, Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen has expressed major interest in being drafted by…the Cleveland Browns. Yea I shit you not, this dude actually wants to play for the 0-16 team that has destroyed the careers of countless quarterbacks in the 21st century. According to an article on 247sports.com Allen said in an interview with 92.3 […]

Does Jim Harbaugh Need to Have a Big Year in 2018?

As a diehard a college football fan, the offseason can be a bit slow and boring. Much of the focus is centered around former players leaving for the NFL draft, as well as new players coming in through recruiting. It leaves plenty of time to ponder thoughts about the upcoming season. The particular thought that came […]

What Needs to be Done with National Signing Day After Copeland Incident

National Signing Day can be either an exciting or disappointing day for college football fans depending on how your team does. Still, no matter what, there’s always a little bit drama. Highly touted recruits apparently do not take enough time to focus on their significant decision beforehand. This absurd and seemingly unrecognized lack of time management […]

If College Football Had Trades…NCAA, Are You Listening?

The NCAA has been pissing off a lot of programs and fans as of late. Investigation after investigation, penalty after penalty, whatever the case may be, there is no arguing they are on many people’s shit list. Take Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy for example. He was all up in arms over the recent […]

UCF’s Unbeaten Season Worth $200 Million, Say What?

I recently stumbled across an article on ESPN.com in which the headline reads; “The price of glory: UCF says unbeaten season worth $200 million” Some of my first thoughts after reading this headline; “How on earth do you put a price tag on a season?” “Who appraised this?” “Is UCF putting their season…up for sale?” Of course, […]

Notre Dame-Alabama Home and Home? Let’s Do It

According to several reports, two of college football’s most storied (and hated) programs, Notre Dame and Alabama, are in the works of scheduling a home and home series. Apparently, Alabama is also discussing the possibility of a home and home series with the Texas Longhorns as well. This is no doubt great news for any college football […]

Should CFB Playoff Committee Take Notes From March Madness?

I’m not really much of college basketball fan or just basketball fan in general, but I still can’t deny the excitement that comes with March Madness. Every year you always hear, “You never know what’s gonna happen!” which is absolutely true. You honestly can pretty much guarantee wild upsets every year. It is far and […]

The Spring Game: The Most Meaningful Preseason in All of Sports?

In professional sports, the preseason is often just an afterthought and tease for what’s to come when the games are for real. For the NFL and MLB, it’s much more about getting different players reps and seeing what they could bring to the table for their respective team. Actually winning the games are pretty much the least of […]

The Harbaugh Method: Finding a Different Perspective Overseas

A year after taking his program to Italy, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is continuing the tradition of Europe trips in 2018, this time in France. ESPN reporter Marty Smith was there to help document the team’s trip all weekend. He provided a pretty in-depth look at the trip with his ESPN.com article. The first day involved […]

Top 5 Dynasties in College Football Since 1960

Becoming a dynasty is perhaps one of if not the highest accomplishment a team can reach in sports. Over the past nearly 60 years, college football has certainly had their fair share of dynasties. Many people debate over what the exact definition of a dynasty is. For example, the early-mid 10’s San Fransico Giants. This […]

3 Most Exciting Non-Conference Games in the First Month of the 2018 Season

For the most part, the NCAA is pretty good at scheduling some quality (or at least appealing on paper) non-conference games every season. 2018 will definitely be no exception to that as proud die-hard fans of the sports (like myself) will be treated to a healthy dose of intriguing non-conference matchups. Even though there is a “healthy […]

National Sporting Event/Soccer Alternative for Americans’ Pleasure

Nothing says, “wow, I definitely won’t be watching that,” quite like a soccer event that doesn’t involve the USA. Of course, that’s the case with this year’s World Cup, and I think I speak for many of my fellow Americans on this matter. So that’s lead us to question: What’s an event during the summer that the […]

The Carrier Dome: A Diamond in the Rough

When thinking of some of the greatest college football venues, places like “The Big House” and “Death Valley” come to mind among a number of many others. And due to the fact that there are so many great stadiums, some seem to slip through the cracks without getting the full recognition they deserve. This can […]

Arena Football: A Solution to Boring Summers in the Sports World

Given that this is the most boring time of the sports year with the MLB as the only professional sport being played, one has to wonder what could be done to improve this problem. How could this time of the year, the calm before the wonderful storm known as football season arrives, become more interesting? […]

Jerry Rice Talking About a Return Makes me Wonder

Recently one of the greatest players in the history of the NFL, Jerry Rice made a wild yet not totally unrealistic claim. The 55-year-old said that he could still play in the NFL. Also, former teammate and fellow wide receiver/hall of famer Terrell Owens also stirred up talks about a possible comeback at the age […]

Unintelligent Sports: A CFB Team Could Beat an NFL Team

No matter where you go in the country, you are always bound to find unintelligent Skip Bayless-level idiotic sports fans. They make outlandish claims based on the hype with no intelligence involved whatsoever. A particular debate that has always blown my mind is that people, time and time again, believe that a college football team could beat […]

Interesting and Odd: NFL vs College All-Star Team in the ’70’s

In the present day, professional sports All-Star games are more of a pickup game that is meant to be an attractive site for fans. And that concept seems to make sense. It cannot be too intense of a game because of the possibility of players getting injured. This would be a pretty significant loss for a player’s […]

Will New Helmet Rules Affect Football in the Longrun

The NFL’s Hall of Fame game against the Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears saw the debut of a couple new helmet rules. The first: a player cannot lower his helmet to initiate contact. The second: ramming, butting or spearing with the helmet will now be called for unnecessary roughness. As a video on NBCSports.com […]

Notre Dame Playoff Chances Soaring Through the Roof After Just One Game

After coming away with a 24-17 victory in the “return of rivalry” game against the Michigan Wolverines, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s playoff stock seemed to shoot way up. According to an article on 247sports.com, ESPN’s College Football Playoff Predictor has Notre Dame with some pretty good odds to make the playoffs after their week 1 win. […]

Are Dynasties in College Football a Good Thing?

After allowing a 75-yard touchdown pass on the game’s first play from scrimmage, the Alabama Crimson Tide went on to score 62 unanswered points in their week three road victory against Ole Miss. The Crimson Tide have scored an average of almost 57 points and they have allowed just under 10 through their first three […]

Should Notre Dame Stick with Ian Book?

As was said during ESPN Chicago’s radio broadcast of the Notre Dame game against Wake Forest; it is not too often you switch quarterbacks after starting 3-0. However, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish broke this mold by going with redshirt sophomore quarterback Ian Book over regular starter Brandon Wimbush for their week 4 game against […]

Is Syracuse a Legit Upset Threat at Clemson?

After just four weeks of play, this has already been a big season for head coach Dino Babers and the Syracuse Orange football team. The squad, led by quarterback Eric Dungey has a record of 4-0 for the first time since 1991. Four wins also matches their win total from each of the past three […]

Syracuse Drops the Ball on Upset Bid

Being an unranked team and losing on the road to a top 3 opponent after having a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter is a very underrated way to lose a football game. Largely because of the fact that it does not happen that often, but still. Well, the Syracuse Orange experienced just that in […]

Ian Book Adds Whole New Aspect to Irish Offense

In his first career start at Notre Dame Stadium, quarterback Ian Book showed what a difference-maker he is for the now 5-0 Fighting Irish team. The redshirt sophomore went 24-for-33 with 278 yards and four touchdown passes. His most impressive stat from this game, however, was that he completed a pass to 10 different receivers […]

Notre Dame’s Playoff Chances

The first official College Football Playoff rankings have been announced and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been placed at #4. And according to the ESPN’s College Football Playoff Predictor, they currently have a 65 percent chance of making the playoffs, an 18 percent to make the championship, and a five percent chance to win […]

Comparing Dynasties: Golden State and Alabama

This past weekend, the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide completely shut down the then-#3 LSU Tigers 29-0 in Death Valley. After the game, just about every sports fan who had high hopes that Alabama would fall (such as myself) took to Twitter in anger; Many are comparing the college football powerhouse to the Golden State […]

Upstate NY Fan on Notre Dame vs Syracuse

This Saturday the No. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish are taking on the No. 12 Syracuse Orange at Yankee Stadium. Notre Dame football is my favorite team in all of sports and they are playing my (much improved) second favorite team in college football. Being both a diehard fan of college football in general and […]

Notre Dame thrashes Syracuse to move to 11-0

This past Saturday the No. 3 ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish extended their undefeated record and playoff campaign with a 36-3 victory over the No.12 ranked Syracuse Orange at Yankee Stadium. As I mentioned in my previous article previewing this game, these are my two favorite teams. Given both, I like the Irish more and […]

UCF Does Not Deserve Respect Yet

As we head into conference championship week, the second to last college football playoff rankings have been released after a big finish to the regular season. For the first time in the short five-season history of the college football playoffs, there are multiple undefeated teams in the top-4. There is three to be exact; Alabama, […]

Did the College Football Playoff Commitee Get it Right?

On Sunday, December 2nd, the much anticipated final rankings for the college football playoffs were released. As always, there was plenty of speculation over who should get in and who should be left out. When it was all said and done, Alabama (5 appearances), Clemson (4), Notre Dame (1), and Oklahoma (3) were the teams […]