"When you come to a fork in the road, take it" -Yogi Berra

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Hometown: Chalfont, PA

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Shea Serrano

Favorite Athlete: Derek Jeter

Favorite Team: Villanova Wildcats

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The Big East Tournament Championship

Best tradition at your college: Basketball Mediocrity

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: The food trucks are awesome (I like to mix it up and try all of them)

Best class you’ve ever taken: Poetry Workshop

Teams to watch out for come March

Every year there are a few teams from non-major conferences that get a lot of buzz around this time of year. Some, like last year’s Arkansas Little-Rock team, are able to get it done in their conference tournaments and can do what analysts expect them to do come March. Others, like last year’s Valparaiso and […]

A flawed field: ten teams that can win the NCAA Tournament

March is fantastic. It starts to heat up in the northern part of the country, the birds return to their homes in the skies, and college basketball reigns supreme. From the very beginning of the college basketball season, there is one goal, March Madness. Starting with the preseason tournaments in early December, every analyst and […]

John Thompson III does not deserve a job

There are some things in college hoops that simply do not happen at the professional level. One of the biggest examples is coaching tenures. Currently at Temple, we are experiencing the issue with head coach Fran Dunphy. Admittedly, I like Fran. He is a Philly Big 5 lifer, a good recruiter, and widely liked by […]

The Big East is still really good

Since the conference realignment that sent teams like Syracuse, UConn, Louisville, Notre Dame, Pitt, etc. etc away from the Big East, it has not gotten a lot of love. Add the fact that there is no major football in the Big East, it is easy to see why the Big East gets overlooked. I want […]

Knee-jerk reactions to Selection Sunday: East Region

The East region is home to the overall number 1 seed, the Villanova Wildcats. This was the only absolute lock going into the tournament. No one really believed there was anyone else that deserved the overall number one, but their road to a repeat Final Four performance is anything but a lock. There are roadblocks […]

Grades for first-year coaches

The coaching carousel is always very erratic in college basketball. For mid-major coaches, there is always an opportunity to get a better job. If you win some games in the NCAA tournament and make their names nationally recognized, bigger programs take note. Sometimes, there are shocking switches that take everyone by surprise. Regardless of the […]

March Madness Preview: Big East

The Big East is currently in possession of the reigning National Champion. Also, it has the second most teams seeded in the tournament, behind only the ACC. Admittedly, Vegas isn’t really that hot on the Big East. Even though Nova has the second best odds at a title, no one else is favored to win […]

Keeping competition in college sports

During bowl season, there was controversy over some very high-profile college athletes not playing in their bowl games. Two of the biggest names were Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette. Two camps emerged from the controversy: one saying the players were in the right to protect their NFL futures, and another saying they were wrong because […]

The Bracket Bunker: Tales from opening weekend

To some, pondering a two day span that would include 24 hours of basketball, 2 cases of Miller Lite, enough Twisted Tea to make you diabetic, and under 12 total hours of sleep is a scary proposition. To me, that sounds like a perfect weekend. So when a friend and I realized our spring breaks […]

Turner Sports Sideline Reporter Power Rankings

Sideline reporting does not have the same level of importance as the main broadcasters. No one will ever turn off a basketball game because they were annoyed with the lady saying what Gregg Marshall said in the huddle. Instead, they are more like whipped cream. Pie is fucking awesome no matter what, but add whipped cream […]

The officiating in this tournament has been deplorable

The Monday following opening weekend is always a very productive mental day. The way the tournament is scheduled, there is a lot of time to reflect on the nearly 96 straight hours of basketball. My first thought of reflection is that this year’s tournament has sucked so far. There have not been many big upsets […]

LaVar Ball isn’t as crazy as you think

Today, ESPN had the worst (best?) idea in the history of sports television. Stephen A. Smith, lead man of First Take and notoriously boisterous debate analyst, was paired with the infamous LaVar Ball. To no one’s surprise, it got a bit out of hand. This is the best part of the interview. Stephen A. and […]

So, what about Sean Miller’s coaching in March?

We live in a world of instant gratification. There is a demand for results, now. Kevin Durant to the Warriors is an obvious NBA example. In college, it is mostly shown through the coaching carousel. I was very open with my thoughts that John Thompson III should have been fired (he has been), and I was […]

Teams Win Tournaments, Not Conferences

There is a lot of talk every year about what the best conference in the country is. Realistically, that concept doesn’t amount to shit. There is so much unnecessary pride that goes into what conference your school hails from. Admittedly, I find myself doing this often as well with the Big East. Still, I’m going […]

A Few Reasons to be Happy that Gonzaga Made the Final Four

Gonzaga has made nineteen consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. In all of those years, they have never reached a Final Four. Finally, they have put years of heartbreak behind them and broken the glass ceiling. Now, they will face South Carolina in the Final Four in Phoenix. For some reason, there were a lot of people rooting […]

Individual Matchups to Look Out for in Tonight’s Final

The conclusion of the greatest tournament in American sports is finally upon us. Tonight, UNC will look to avenge their heart-wrenching loss in the final of last season against Villanova. This year, they will have to play a Gonzaga team that seems to be in their own year of destiny.  After missing four straight free […]

Dan Dakich and Frank Kaminsky had a Subtweet Battle for the Ages

The subtweet is an art form generally reserved for teenage girls and people that recently got broken up with. Since Twitter’s inception, it has been vaguely poking not-so-subtle jabs at people through the veil of the internet. I have been the butt of more than one subtweet in my day, and I’ll be honest, they […]

Season-Deciding Decisions for Fringe-NBA Prospects

Thanks to the new draft rules, the world gets more times to think about the decisions of all of the guys that aren’t locks for the NBA draft. While the change was fantastic for the players, it can certainly make coaches sweat a little. For all of us non-coaches, it is one of the most exciting […]

The Other End of the Year Award Special

The college basketball season has officially come to a conclusion following the College Basketball Award Show. Taking place following the Final Four every year, it gives out the Wooden player of the year, the Bob Cousy award for the best point guard, the Jerry West for best shooting guard, the Julius Erving for best small […]

Coach Cal doesn’t develop talent well, but that’s not really his job

Everyone knows Kentucky is a place where guys that only want to be around for one year go. This is not a program built like this year’s champion North Carolina, or last year’s champion Villanova. It is rare to see a senior on this team being anything other than a role-playing bench guy. The freshman are […]

Major Prospects as Songs from DAMN.

On Friday, Kendrick Lamar did what Kendrick Lamar has become known for. He dropped an album that lit homes on fire. I went through three pairs of headphones just to find a pair that was suitable for the level of heat emulating from the album. In fourteen songs, Kendrick again altered what we believe about […]

Second-Round Gold Waiting to be Struck

The draft is nearly upon us, which makes me unbearably happy because I get to talk about NBA stuff being (too far) off track. The draft is the perfect mix of college and the pros. People that love the college game get to fantasize about their favorite players on the biggest stage. NBA fans get […]

The games that made college basketball what it is today

There is a lot to love about the game of basketball. The dunk is something that will always get us out of our seat. Something about that extra point from behind the line is exhilarating, too. Preparing for the Final Four in an 80,000 seat stadium excites fans when you can think about college athletes on […]

College Softball might be the best sport ever

Generally speaking, sick days suck as a kid. Well actually, I should amend that. Sick days suck when you’re a kid and you are actually sick. Daytime sports TV gets repetitive as all of the talk shows cover the same things. Realistically, there is only so much nonsensical, arrogant blathering you can watch from Stephen […]

Picking NBA Draft Prop bets

This will be the first season in NBA history where Las Vegas sports books will host prop bets for the event. That is exciting for many reasons. For starters, you can win money. Second, you can create a competition in something that really isn’t immediately competitive. Without gambling, sports are still sports. But without gambling, […]

Philadelphia and growing up with college hoops recruiting

I had big basketball plans this summer. They included not working, driving to AAU hotbeds in Philadelphia and South Jersey, and watching kids play basketball. I’m at the point in my life now where the dream of becoming a professional athlete is dead. I mark the exact moment of death as Devin Booker getting drafted. […]

Marvin Bagley III just turned the nation on its head

At this point, the nation is used to certain schools having recruiting classes that are offensive. Duke is one of those schools, and this season they outdid themselves. Late last night, Marvin Bagley III told the nation during his announcement of where he would be attending college, that he would be there a year earlier […]

The Eclipse is a Good Reminder of Why Sports are Great

In case you have not heard because you live under a rock without wifi, there is a solar eclipse today. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, then you should have paid attention in your seventh grade physical science class. But, all it really is is the moon crossing the path of the sun […]

Campus Cover

Cody and PJ go bold with their preseason predictions as they pick conference champions, sleepers, and their favorite over/unders. Also, week 0 action! Listen as The Campus Cover guys discuss gambling commandments (1:50), good over/under bets by Conference (4:01), Cody plugging the AGI (which is dope), Conference champions (22:21), Group of 5 sleepers (33:15), PJ […]

A non-football guy’s picks for week one

College Football is not generally my wheelhouse. I am constantly evolving and growing, but my college football knowledge is still in its early-childhood years. Out of necessity, my research and understanding is increasing exponentially, as I am half of The Campus Cover podcast. Still, I find myself constantly making picks based on my gut reactions, […]

Taurean Thompson to Seton Hall

Last season, a personal visit from Jim Boeheim was enough to reel in four-star center Taurean Thompson. Unfortunately for Boeheim, he isn’t quite as important to Thompson as Thompson’s mother. Earlier in the summer, Thompson announced he would not be returning to Syracuse for his Sophomore season because he wants to be closer to his […]

The Campus Cover: Week 1

Cody and PJ are back with their predictions for week 1. Check out the Soundcloud. Subscribe to the channel, comment, let us know what you think. Tweet at @StudentUSports, @CodyGoggin and @pjguip1. Listen as the boys talk about the new college football season. They will discuss the life of a lazy college student (1:41), a […]

El Pollo’s picks for Week Dos

The way this season started, it almost seems like knowing stuff about football doesn’t even really matter anymore. Texas, again, is 100% not back, despite what many experts predicted. Howard pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of college football, and Liberty wasn’t far behind. Also, UCLA had a comeback that turned […]

Baker Mayfield, very good at football

Baker Mayfield. Just read that beautiful name. Here, I’ll say it again. BAKER. MAYFIELD. I can’t stress this enough. Baker Mayfield is just really fucking good at football. Like really good. Like really, really good. Say what you will about all these tall men on the west coast that are “good pro prospects” or whatever. […]

El Pollo, back at average

A decent week of picks last week gets me right back to average. Average is exactly where I belong. You can ask my professors or my grade school basketball coaches, they will all attest. I am the poster child of mediocrity. So now I am sitting at 3-3 and I am as comfortable as a […]

The Campus Cover Ep. 3

Cody (@CodyGoggin) and PJ (@pjguip1) are back from their one week hiatus. The dark episode is forever lost in time, but the boys are back with their picks for week three. They’ll talk about a bunch of other stuff, too. Check it out as they discuss PJ’s apology from last week and the “lost episode” […]

Mitchell Robinson Finds Hidden Option C

In recent years, there has been an increase in guys finding ways around the one-and-done NBA rule. Emmanuel Mudiay gave up his scholarship from SMU to play a year in China before getting drafted by the Nuggets. Terrance Ferguson bailed on Alabama to go to Australia before he got picked by the Thunder. Thon Maker […]

El Pollo: Expert Analyst

You can have Lee Corso and his mascot-head gimmick, keep Jesse Palmer and his ego that makes the mascot heads look microscopic (I will say nothing about Joel Klatt because he is a king and deserves to be treated as such), but please, keep your experts to yourselves; There is a new sheriff in town. […]

Student Union Staff CFB Roundtable

We are now three weeks into the college football season. With conference play beginning for most teams this weekend, some of our writers sat down to discuss the biggest story lines of the season so far and preview what is sure to be a wild rest of the year. What has been the best moment […]

The only college picks you will ever need

2-2 last week (including UAB). 8-5 overall. Week 4 is in the books. Realistically, it was just a lot of underdog blue balls. LA Tech, who I have previously endorsed as the team with the biggest normal balls in the country, lost in brutal fashion to South Carolina. Kentucky very nearly established themselves as the […]

Louisville’s search for a new coach begins now

Today, the news officially dropped that Rick Pitino is out at Louisville. It seemed as if he has been an unstoppable force, surviving many scandals, both personal and in the program. But, it all proved to be too much and he is officially no longer the coach of the Louisville Cardinals. This news comes in […]

Campus Cover Episode 006

Cody and PJ are back for some week five college football action. Get their picks of the week, Crystal Ball Predictions, and some playoff odds and hot takes. A moment of silence for us because UAB is on a bye week so we are sad. @CodyGoggin @pjguip1  

Unbreakable college sports marriages

The news about all the controversy in college hoops is just starting, but it is far from over. Even in the first week of controversy, the news is constantly evolving. Recently, a description of the ultimate college sports marriage was shown: the inseparable bond between Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino. At this point, I imagine […]

El Pollo, an origin story

I was recently showing my friend the El Pollo series of articles. This is for a few reasons, the biggest of which being I think they are fantastic articles and some of my best work. One of his first questions to me was, “Why a chicken?” In the first installment of this Pulitzer-nominated series, I […]

Lavar continues to put up dubs

Lavar Ball has been known to make insane claims and make questionable decisions. He added to this list of things on Monday when he decided to take his youngest son LaMelo out of public high school to be home schooled and train for college hoops. This story caught some media attention, much like everything else […]

Campus Cover Epsiode 007: Week 6

Cody and PJ are back to make you money and preview week six. We’d love to hear from you guys so please tweet us. @CodyGoggin @pjguip1 @StudentUSports

El Pollo, football guy

As the weeks go on and the season gets deeper, the harder it gets for me to take off my football guy hat. For those of you that listen to The Campus Cover, you would know this is just an alter ego. This is a way to blow off steam and make picks I would […]

Campus Cover week 8

Cody and PJ are back with this week’s college football action. Guest Austin Montgomery is on to bring a rational voice into the fold. Expect less talk about Michael Beasley being a genius and Roddy White and more about gambling technicalities. Still expect a lot about the UAB Blazers. Also, we used our off week […]

The week of Gambling Commandment number 3

For those of you that are followers of The Campus Cover podcast, you will know that we have some rules. There is one commandment in particular that is extremely important in college sports. We talked about it in our Pilot episode briefly, and throughout the season at length. On my official list, it is three, […]

College Hoops is back and I am very excited

College hoops has returned to the practice court, and with it, all the joy in my life has returned. As if hoops on the horizon isn’t enough happiness for me, today I had the pleasure of seeing this tweet. I don’t think I can say I have ever found so much joy in someone else’s […]