There are certain things in the world that are simply too beautiful to be described in plain English. Instead, one needs to delve into comparisons and figurative language to explain the sensation. For example, The Pieta is a sculpture in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. This summer, I vacationed and made a stop at the famous church, and when I saw the sculpture with flowing marble, I legitimately had to remind myself how to breathe because the beauty sort of shut all my motor functions down. 

Enter Trevor Lawrence. You might be thinking, “Oh my god is PJ going to write more really-weird-and-only-kind-of-funny erotica about a Power Five quarterback?” The answer to that, for now, is no. I will avoid speaking about his almost feminine good looks and his Sunshine-like qualities and instead focus on his obvious best quality. His deep ball.

Now there are not a lot of times in my life with sports, but every once in a while, a moment makes my heart legitimately stop. Every time Lawrence unleashes a ball that’s going to be more than 20 yards downfield, this magnificent feeling occurs. So in the spirit of blogging, I decided to compile a list of things more beautiful than Trevor Lawrence throwing a deep ball.

  • Trevor Lawrence throwing a deep ball without a helmet so you can see his hair flowing. 
  • Probably some waterfall somewhere

Yeah, I’m out of ideas. Clemson plays at noon on Saturday. Tune in and maybe you’ll get to experience this beautiful feeling.

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