"My best work comes when I'm sad.  If I ever get a divorce, I'd cure cancer probably" - @TylerIAm

Twitter: @TiVeSports

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Shams Charania

Favorite Athlete: Lebron James

Favorite Team: Nebraska Cornhuskers

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The College Football Playoffs

Best tradition at your college: Tunnel Walk

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Raising Canes

Best class you’ve ever taken: To be determined 

The Curious Case for HBCU Football

College football, you know it, you love it. What makes college football great? Culture. Culture is rooted deep in our veins, we all understand and respect the intensity of major rivalries like Alabama vs Auburn, Texas vs Oklahoma and Florida vs Georgia. Rivalry Week is the best week of college football every single year. Now, […]

EMERGENCY REACTION: Johnny Manziel’s First CFL Start

I watched Johnny Manziel’s first CFL start for the Montreal Alouettes and before everyone overreacts let me make something very clear. Johnny Football is going to be just fine. Now listen, I know, yes, he threw four interceptions and yes his team lost by 39 points, but hear me out. He’s only had four practices […]

Most Underused Offensive Players in Recent CFB History

Alvin Kamara– 2017-2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara was probably someone you didn’t know about until last season. That’s because in his last two years of college playing at Tennessee, he was the second string running back. That’s right, the electrifying playmaker was sitting behind Jalen Hurd, who isn’t even a running back […]

The Student Union Hot or Not NFL Recap

Welcome to Student U’s Hot or Not NFL recap. This isn’t your grandfather’s NFL recap or your father’s either for that matter. Rather than focusing on the NFL stars, we focus on former college stars, and how they did. So if you’re looking for some Tom Brady, Antonio Brown and JJ Watt coverage you can […]

Is Nick Saban Trying to Tell Us His Job is Too Easy?

Tua is obviously the better quarterback, let us make that very clear before we begin.  You may know by now, but Nick Saban went OFF on Maria Taylor when she asked about the QB competition between Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa. Both received fairly equal snaps in Alabama’s opening game, but it was VERY obvious […]

Tom Herman: Does. Not. Care.

Former Ohio State WR Coach Zach Smith is off the Henny once again, and this time his target is Tom Herman, who does not care one bit. “Ok. Cool Hook Em! 🤘” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Lest we forget that Tom Herman is an established savage.  I’m convinced the only thing Smith could have truly […]