Lebron James is the best basketball player of all-time to not go to college. And I’m one of the biggest Lebron fans on the planet. But this afternoon, he went too far. For some context, Darius Bazely was Syracuse’s five-star recruit that decided to de-commit from Syracuse and become the first basketball player to skip college and head straight for the G-League. News broke Monday that Bazley would be getting paid $1 million dollars to intern with New Balance and he could make up to 14 million dollars. Boeheim was then asked about the shoe internship by Jeff Goodman, and here was the response.

Jim Boeheim on former Syracuse signee Darius Bazley getting guaranteed $1 million deal with New Balance:

“LeBron did a nice job helping his client. It is LeBron’s client, right?”
— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) October 24, 2018

Okay so… what exactly did Boeheim do wrong here? He was asked a question about Bazley and gave his answer. Yeah, he’s happy for the kid for going and getting paid. But I’m sure he’s also slightly disappointed that Bazley decided to skip out on the chance to play at Syracuse and grow his game there. But asking for clarification on if Bazley was Lebron’s client (they do share the same agency), although maybe sarcastic, was in no way out of line or a shot at James. But here comes big bad Lebron sipping wine and firing back at Jimmy B on social media.

OH THEY BIG MAD!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/DP2bGAeWq8— LeBron James (@KingJames) October 24, 2018

Nice Lebron. I’m glad that high school education has led you to this scholarly take. “OH THEY BIG MAD”. Very eloquent. Well said. I’m so glad we got to hear your input on this subject.

And that wasn’t it from the NBA players side of things. Ben Simmons now felt like he had something to say about the situation.

Big mad for sure 😂😂— Ben Simmons (@BenSimmons25) October 24, 2018

Thank goodness we had one year LSU student Ben Simmons to the rescue. Couldn’t even do anything for that Tigers team his one year there. But thank you Big Ben, Jim Boeheim was “Big mad for sure”.

So the last piece of the puzzle. Jim Boeheim, who rarely uses Twitter, responding to Lebron James.

Not me! I’m happy for him! I wish him the best.— Jim Boeheim (@therealboeheim) October 24, 2018

I mean cmon Lebron. Your former Team USA coach responding to you on Twitter explaining he’s happy for him and wishes him the best. Maybe do some research before you go attacking people like Jim Boeheim on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, players going and making money instead of going to college is never a bad thing. Go get your money. But Lebron was way out of line creating beef with Jim Boeheim. I’ll tell you one thing. Jimmy B ain’t gonna start the season 0-3. And he probably would’ve knocked down those free throws, too.

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