In a wild turn of events, it appears that the LSU Tigers have forgone any realistic chance to beat Alabama this Saturday. Vegas has released the lines for college football’s game of the week at Alabama -14. Since the game is in Baton Rouge, go ahead and put the line at -17 in favor of the Crimson Tide.

In all honesty, this game has been over since star linebacker Devin White was ejected for targeting against Mississippi State.

An absolute HORRENDOUS call. This means White will be forced to sit out the first half against Alabama this weekend. Have you seen what Alabama has done to teams in the first half this season?

First Half Annihilation 

  • Going into halftime…
  • Game #1: Alabama leads Louisville 28-0 
  • Game #2 : Alabama leads Arkansas State 40-0
  • Game #3: Alabama leads Ole Miss 49-7
  • Game #4: Alabama leads Texas A&M 31-13
  • Game #5: Alabama leads Louisiana- Lafayette 49-0
  • Game #6: Alabama leads Missouri 30-10
  • Game #7: Alabama leads Tennessee 42-14


That is what Alabama is outscoring opponents… IN THE FIRST HALF ALONE. I understand why LSU has been given the #4 spot in the AP Polls. They have built together some slightly impressive, and slightly unimpressive victories giving them their 7-1 record. I don’t think Coach O and the Tigers understand what they’re getting themselves into this weekend. I truly don’t. 

Stats Match-up From Hell

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big numbers don’t lie guy when it comes to college football. Remember Florida/Georgia this past weekend? You’re welcome to all the degenerate gamblers out there. This weekend is another match-up nightmare for LSU and they’re in for an absolute beat down. Here’s another quick stat breakdown for you.

  • Points Per Game: Alabama (#1)- 54.1 vs. LSU (#60)- 30.0
  • Total Yards Per Game- Alabama (#2)– 564.3 vs. LSU (#87)– 383.6
  • Passing Yards Per Game: Alabama (#5)– 347.4 vs. LSU (#102)– 193.3
  • Average Margin of Victory- Alabama: +38.2 vs. LSU: +13.0
  • First Half Points- Alabama: 38.8 vs. LSU: 17.9

With these numbers, how can they expect to have any sort of luck with this abysmal offense? On the defensive side of the football, Alabama gives up fewer rushing yards and passing yards per game than LSU does. The only category that the Tigers have going for them is that they give up two points less per game. Without White, they don’t stand a chance.

Crimson Tide By Three Touchdowns

As stated before, Vegas has set the line at -14. They’re being way to nice on the Tigers with that line. OH BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO GEORGIA. Newsflash Tiger fans, you’re not playing the dawgs this weekend. You’re playing a historically great dynasty that has embarrassed you over the last seven seasons. Historically, the Tide leads this rivalry 52-25-5. Hammer the moneyline, spread, anything you possibly can for this game. Find props that let you put down more money, because the Tigers are going to get WORKED in Baton Rouge on Saturday night. 

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