It happened. Mayhem Week, Blood Week, Chaos Week, whatever you call it, it happened Week 7 of the 2018 CFB Season. A Week where every team dreads and prays that their team will not be apart of…

Dread It. Run From It. Destiny All Arrives The Same.

7 of the top 25 AP teams lost on Saturday. 7. Seven. 1 more than 6. That means that 28% of the top 25 all gained a tick in the Loss column on Saturday. 4 of the top 10 lost. And boy oh boy, did it shake up the AP Poll.

So, with the dust settling and body count totaled, let’s talk about exactly what happened and how it’s gonna effect teams…

SEC Playoff Teams:

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The SEC just ruined it’s chances in having 2 or even 3 teams in the playoffs. Bama obviously is the clear favorite to win the SEC with no struggle. However, when it comes to the East or even 2nd place in the West, the Playoffs could have had 3 teams. Yes, it’s a long shot and wouldn’t have happened, but a man can dream. LSU still has to play Bama later in the season, which means either Bama will get it’s first loss or LSU will get it’s second loss. LSU would be knocked out of contention and Bama would still control their own destiny. With the East, You have UGA with one loss now and Florida with one loss to a good Kentucky team. UGA and Florida play on October 27th, so one team will be eliminated and the other with a easy path to Atlanta.

The Big 12 is a Mess

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Boy oh boy, this is messy. Oklahoma, WVU, AND Texas all have one loss, Oklahoma lost to Texas, Texas to… Maryland, and WVU to… Iowa State. So yeah, this is a shitshow. Texas, currently ranked at seven, leads the Big 12 as the best change for a playoff appearance. Texas only has WVU left as a tough opponent, so Hook ’em Horns. Meanwhile, Oklahoma can gain some ground with Texas slipping up against some teams while OU wins out. And WVU needs a miracle in the Big12 to happen for them to sniff a Playoff spot.

Pac-12 is Done

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Pac-12 was “eliminated” since week 1 with Washington losing right off the bat to Auburn. Stanford was the only remaining hope, and they lost as well. Enter Oregon, currently 5-1, and ranked 12th. If they win out, they will be “considered” by the committee but more than likely left out due to a loss from Stanford back in September. The only other team at 5-1 in the Pac is Colorado, who was undefeated coming into week seven but lost against USC and dropped out of the rankings. We will more than likely see an Oregon vs. Colorado Pac-12 Championship, but they will just be playing for the Pac Trophy, not a Natty.

Big Ten/ACC looks locked up

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The Big Ten and ACC were both favorited to be won by OSU and Clemson and, spoiler, they’re gonna more than likely win it. OSU’s biggest challenge will be when TTUN, or Michigan will host the Buckeyes in Ann Harbor in November. Michigan controls their destiny, after knocking Wisconsin down to the twenties and jumping up to six. If either team can stay alive till 11/27, we will be in for a treat of a Game.

And now, we talk about the ACC. Clemson Tigers look unstoppable. The Tigers struggled against Texas A&M and Syracuse, but came out with wins and remain undefeated. They face NC State this upcoming week and look to come out on top. If Clemson can win, lock them in for a playoff spot easily. Lawrence can carry this team into January and possibly win a Natty, who knows.

Group of 5 Gets No Respect

UCF is #MyNationalChamp and they are still getting zero respect from the AP Poll. UCF is undefeated, and there are only 8 teams left in the country undefeated:
Bama 7-0, OSU 7-0, Clemson 6-0, ND 7-0, UCF 6-0, NS State 5-0 (game cancelled due to Hurricane) Cinn 6-0, USF 6-0

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UCF is ranked lower than Texas, who lost to Maryland, Michigan, LSU, UGA, and Oklahoma. When it comes to it, the Poll doesn’t respect that UCF is a Group of 5 and will not put them in once again if they go undefeated…and it’s bullshit. BCS was perfect at picking the Natty Game, but a 1-loss Bama team would not get a chance over the UCF team last year. It shows that the AP Poll has SEC Goggles and will take the big name teams over the real undefeated teams.

So, hug your loved teams and hug them tight, because these next few weeks are gonna be a damn war for teams to try to squeak into the playoffs. Unless you’re UCF, y’all can win a Lombardi trophy and the Committee would still leave y’all out a 6 or 7.

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