Week 10 was not as exciting as the weeks past, but it was still thrilling nonetheless. Teams on the outside of the rankings looking in such as Houston and South Florida faltered against inferior opponents, while others such as Cincinnati and Washington took care of business. West Virginia played a thriller against Texas and came out on top in the waning seconds, but the marquee matchup of the week was Alabama vs. LSU; and to a point it disappointed, but was still fun to watch (more on that later). While the #1 team had a tough matchup (at least rankings-wise), the #2 team had a cakewalk of a win against Louisville. This is the first time #1 & #2 in the nation take home my weekly honors.

Most Cupcake Win of the Week: #2 Clemson beat Louisville 77-16

This game was close for about 3 minutes, and then Clemson was already up 14-0. This trend was kept up all game as the Tigers scored 49 unanswered points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters before the Cardinals finally got their first touchdown of the game with 54 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. The Tigers more than doubled their opponent’s total yards in the game, and more than quadrupled their points. Heisman candidate Travis Etienne had only 8 carries, but had 153 yards and a score, good for 19.1 yards per carry. Clemson had three guys, including Etienne, that ran for over 100 yards; All of them on 8 carries or less!

Freshmen QB Trevor Lawrence played the first half and a small amount of the second half, and the numbers show it as he went 8/12 for 59 yards and 2 touchdowns. He didn’t need to play much of the second half though, as Clemson had a 35-3 lead at the break, and the Tigers didn’t want to risk any injuries. Louisville has two wins this season and they might not get another as they finish the season against three ranked teams. Clemson pounded the Cardinals this week for The Most Cupcake Win of the Week.

Clemson fans probably feel like this after Saturday

Biggest Win of the Week: #1 Alabama beats #3 LSU 29-0


The score might not do this game much justice. The game seemed to be closer than it looked, and it felt like just one big play and the Tigers would be right back in it. But the Tigers just couldn’t get that big play against an elite Bama defense. This game was a milestone for Tua Tagovailoa, as it was the first time he played in the 4th quarter this season and it was the first game this season in which he threw an interception. Tua playing in only one 4th quarter this season is just insane, and it shows just how much depth Bama has and how dominant they have been. This win, however, means a lot. It shows the country that the Crimson Tide really are the best team in the nation, all while extending their lead in the SEC West to two games. Bama’s only other challenge this year will probably be on Dec. 1 against #5 Georgia. Beating the #3 team in the country on the road, though, deserves some recognition, and that is why I am giving Alabama the Biggest Win of the Week.

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