This week was craaazy! 8 teams ranked in the top 25 lost, while 5 won by less than a touchdown. This is one week of just many weeks that could look the same. This is the time of the year where teams are getting deep into their conference schedules and their opponents get tougher. It is getting tougher to choose a cupcake win each win because of the competition, and it is getting harder to choose the biggest win for the same reason. This week Northwestern had a chance to claim biggest cupcake win but they struggled against Nebraska. Maryland however took care of Rutgers with ease. Picking the biggest win was a real tough one, so I have decided to give it to two teams this week. Michigan St went into Happy Valley and stunned Penn St. while LSU took care of Georgia in Death Valley.

Most Cupcake Win of the Week:  Maryland beats Rutgers 34-7

This game was never in doubt. Maryland built a 24-0 lead going into halftime and a 34-0 going into the 4th quarter. They had the shutout going up until the last minute when Rutgers ran the ball from the 1 for a TD. Maryland dominated the run game with 290 rushing yards. Kasim Hill only had 8 completions for 76 but he did throw 3 TDs in the win. On the defensive side of the ball, Maryland held Rutgers to only 2 passing completions for 8 yards, and an offensive total of 179 yards. Rutgers is not good at this football thing and will continue to lose games by a lot of points. Maryland dominated them and wins Most Cupcake Win of the Week.

Biggest Win of the Week: Michigan St beats #8 Penn St. 21-17 AND #13 LSU beats #2 Georgia 36-16

I don’t normally do two games for the same award, but this week is different. Both LSU and Michigan St. got huge wins this week. LSU at home took care of Georgia handily. Shutting down Georgia’s high-powered offense and converting on 4 fourth down plays. With the win LSU put themselves in the drivers’ seat to win the SEC. All they have to do now is win out. They now control their own destiny. It is easier said than down however since they have to beat Bama at some point.

They host Bama on Nov. 3 

Michigan St. didn’t dominate to a win like LSU did, instead however they gambled on multiple occasions to help ensure they would secure the upset. They converted a fake punt, tried a fake field goal instead kicking to tie the game, and passed the ball to the end zone instead of running the ball and kicking the field goal to force OT. All of that gambling paid off however, as with just 19 seconds left, Brian Lewerke hit Felton Davis for a 25-yard TD strike. This pass sealed the win and along with LSU put them in the drivers’ seat to win the Big Ten. It won’t be easy though. Michigan St. has to beat Michigan and Ohio St. to win the Big Ten East, but it is possible. LSU and Michigan St. share the award for Biggest Win this week.

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