Record to date: 17-24-2

Last week was another week sitting in mediocrity. Another winning week of college football for me in which I didn’t pick the right games for this article. I nailed Florida over LSU and the fact that Joe Burrow stinks so hopefully you loaded up there. Also, our (should be) FCS bet of the week was a winner, which makes the FCS bet of the week record positive on the year. The contenders have officially separated themselves and it’s time to dominate this week.

Baylor @ Texas (-14) o/u 60.5

Ahh another week of Texas being back. And after their dominating win over Oklahoma they are not only “back” but actually BACK. Right? Wrong. Texas is ranked in the top 10 for the first time in forever. But let us not forget they lost to Maryland week one. They also struggled mightily against Kansas State and Tulsa. As favorites, this season Texas is 1-3 ATS. As underdogs, they are 2-0 with outright wins against TCU and Oklahoma. This should be nothing new. They lose to Maryland, scrape out a couple easy wins, upset a top 10 team, get proclaimed “back,” then falter down the stretch. That’s Texas football baby. As fourteen point favorites against a competitive Baylor team, I just can’t trust Texas. They may win outright, but I’ll take the points here.

Pick: Baylor +14

Washington @ Oregon (+3.5) o/u 57.5

Oregon should be a top 10 team right now. They have an absolutely loaded with talent team and they should be undefeated if it wasn’t for the biggest choke job of the season against Stanford. Washington, on the other hand, has not really dazzled me. They have one loss as well to an Auburn team that isn’t all that great. They’ve also struggled to grind out some games against much lesser opponents. I think the Ducks realize with teams dropping like flies their chances at a playoff are slim, but alive again. Unless West Virginia wins out I don’t think we get a Big 12 team in the playoff. If Clemson gets a loss, I would take one loss (basically a win) Oregon over one loss Clemson or one-loss Oklahoma or Texas. Also, for everyone’s sake, Notre Dame needs to lose a game to get them out of this playoff scenario. Grow up and join a conference, Notre Dame. 

With all that being said, I like the Ducks at home. I think they are in the same league as Washington as far as talent, they have a better quarterback, home-field and just seem like a hungrier team this year. 

Pick: Oregon +3.5

UCF @ Memphis (+5) o/u 81

This guy is everything that is wrong with society. I am so tired of UCF fans. I NEED them to lose a game so they can’t claim they should be in the college football playoff this year. They are a borderline Top 10 team, maybe top 15. If they played in the SEC, Big 10 or even Big 12 they would have two losses by now. It was funny to troll Alabama fans for a couple weeks after the National Championship, but raising banners?? Having a parade?? These people that are still claiming UCF as National Champions are HEATHENS. This man says Bama “isn’t all that”??? Have you watched football ever in your life? God, I need UCF to lose and on their cupcake schedule, Memphis at home might be the best bet.

Hopefully playing these FRAUDS has Memphis motivated to go out there and win. Then they’re automatically National Champions for beating UCF, right?? So with a good Memphis team, at home, playing for a shot at a National Title, I’ll take the Tigers, please.

P.S. A total over 80 points is why college football is so much better than the NFL. You have to take the over in this game if you’re not a total coward.

Pick: Memphis +5

Wisconsin @ Michigan (-8) o/u 48

Wisconsin is another one of those teams that has a slim, but revitalized playoff chance with these teams that are starting to fall. The early loss starts to fall to the back of people’s minds when you get big wins and this is Wisconsin’s chance to make people forget all about BYU. (More like BYWho imho). With their win against Iowa, Wisconsin is still in control to win their division. If they can beat Michigan, Penn State and then Ohio State in the Big 10 Championship Game, I think that Wisconsin team has to get in. The first of those three tests lies ahead this week as they take on the RED HOT Michigan Wolverines. 

Michigan lost a close one to Notre Dame week one. We have obviously since learned that Notre Dame is pretty damn good. If Michigan wins out with Notre Dame being their only blemish that also would be a playoff team for me. These teams both want it bad. The biggest question mark for me is how much Michigan has struggled in big games under Jim Harbaugh. He can’t beat Michigan State or Ohio State, so how will he fair in an elimination game against Wisconsin. I think it’s going to be very very close. Decided by one score for sure.

Pick: Wisconsin +8

FCS Bet of the Week

William & Mary @ Towson (-24)

I finally get to go with my hometown team here. I’ve been waiting for a spot I could take the Tribe all year and this is the perfect chance. 24 points is a crazy spread for a CAA match up. These teams know each other so well that it’s hard to blow teams out. Towson has allowed a lot of points to some not very good teams so far this year. The X-Factor in this one is W&M superstar receiver DeVonte Dedmon.

He is averaging a hundred yards a game through the air and is one of the most electrifying returners in all of college football.

Just absurd. There’s no way he doesn’t go for at least two TD’s this week to keep W&M in the game.

Pick: W&M +24

Good luck this weekend. Let’s get rich.

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