Well, I am back. A lot of stuff happened in college football–like always–so I will give my opinion on those things–like always. If you want more of my thoughts just go to www.buckthoughts.gov.www/buckthoughts. Should open as a word document.

Is Florida State The New Kansas?

Team A:

  • Lost at home by 21
  • Barely beat a FCS school
  • Got blown out by mid-tier school
  • Averages 5.0 points against FBS schools

Team B:

  • Blows out G5 on the road
  • Blows out mid-tier school
  • Has a chance to be tied for first in the conference with a win on Saturday
  • Averages 42.0 points against FBS schools

BIG REVEAL! Florida State is Team A and Kansas is Team B. Is Florida State the new Kansas?

LSU Might Be Good

Okay, hear me out. They went on national television and thumped Miami and then just upset Auburn on the road. They have now taken down two teams in the Top 10 within the first month. Obliviously, they have more to prove, as they have to play No.1 Alabama, No.2 Georgia, No. 14 Mississippi State in three consecutive weeks and then end the season with their annual matchup against No.22 Texas A&M. They’ve done it twice, but can they beat four more ranked teams? Probably not, but if they do….look out.

Urban Meyer Doesn’t Know When To Shut Up

Urban Meyer is giving us a reminder that he is, in fact, still the head coach of Ohio State as well as reiterating his half-ass apology for covering up domestic abuse, then getting caught with his pants down, one red-handed, with his other hand in the cookie jar. But at least they’re winning football games.

Biggest Sleeper In College Football

The Duke Blue Devils. And you thought they were a basketball school? You poor fool. Yes, the Blue Devils have started out 3-0 with wins over Army, Northwestern, and Baylor. They currently have the 6th highest team efficiency in the country. Yes, in the country.  With a chance to start 4-0 against NC Central. There are three key matchups to see if this underdog season could be a reality. Duke plays at home against No.13 Virginia Tech on September 29th. Then in November, the Blue Devils play at #21 Miami, and this game could be a one-loss Duke vs. a one-loss Miami. Then, two weeks later, they will play at No. 3 Clemson. That might go well. But one win against either VT or Miami could make things very interesting in the Coastal division.

Week 4 Watch

FAU vs No. 16 UCF: UCF -13.5

No.2 Georgia vs Mizzou: UGA -14.5

No. 22 Texas A&M vs No. 1 Alabama: Bama -26.5

No. 17 TCU vs Texas: TCU -3.0

No. 7 Stanford vs No. 20 Oregon: Stan -1.5

No. 18 Wisconsin vs Iowa: Wisc -3.5

Arizona State vs No. 10 Washington: Wash -18.0

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