This past weekend, the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide completely shut down the then-#3 LSU Tigers 29-0 in Death Valley.

After the game, just about every sports fan who had high hopes that Alabama would fall (such as myself) took to Twitter in anger;

Many are comparing the college football powerhouse to the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.

Now that last tweet is particularly interesting; “Bama is quickly becoming the Golden State Warriors of college football”

I mean come on, as far as dominance is concerned, this should be the other way around!

Since 2009, the Crimson Tide led by head coach Nick Saban have won five national championships. If this season keeps going the way it is now, they will win their sixth championship in 10 seasons.

But what everyone is really trying to say here is that college football is becoming a bit too predictable with Alabama just consistently rolling through everyone.

It is already well established that Golden State is head and shoulders above every other team in the NBA. And that was very much the case before they signed all-star center DeMarcus Cousins prior to the start of this season.

But as I wrote about in a previous article, it should be recognized that there is a difference between dynasties in college sports and dynasties in professional sports.

In pro sports, there is free agency. This more or less gives players the freedom of choosing where they want to play. So say they want to go to a really good team with the hopes of winning a championship, they can.

Speaking specifically of the Warriors, Kevin Durant is perhaps the most popular example of this.

Golden State was coming off two straight finals appearances and already a very dominant team. Durant coming to play for the Warriors is the move that helped them reach the level of “unbearable” which so many people complain about now.

But in college, there is much more to it.

Yes, obviously players can choose where they want to go.  But they can only play on that team for about 4 years.

That being said, we are looking at complete turnovers of teams every 4-5 years.

So to keep seeing Alabama dominate year after year is more interesting than when a professional team is able to build an all-star cast and runs a monopoly in their conference.

In college, a team’s dominance such as Alabama’s is more of a testament of the coach’s ability to recruit and build a winning product while losing players every year.

So when seeing the question “do dynasties ruin sports?” just look to what Colin Cowherd says in his Fox Sports promo at the laundromat;

“People say they hate dynasties, but they watch them.”

That is exactly the case here, I get that it was annoying to see the same team play in the NBA Finals for four straight years, but the fact of the matter is, it will not last forever.

People watch hoping the team will fall.

It seems like in every sport except baseball (for the moment), there is a clear dynasty.

NBA has the Golden State Warriors

NCAA Football has Alabama

NFL has the New England Patriots

So I get why dynasties may seem really annoying right now, but they will not last forever.

And they’re hard to not watch.

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