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Now, lets get real…This years QB’s is not great at all, like borderline disgusting. If you had to compare this years class to last years, it’s like choosing between the Prom Queen, and the weird girl who was playing Pokemon Go in the corner trying to catch a damn Pikachu. However, this still doesn’t mean that they are god awful, and to completely honest, might come out okay in the league. So, let’s get #ComparsionSZN started early by showing you how each prospect relates to a 2018 Draft QB.

Daniel Jones=Josh Allen

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*insert Mel Kiper Jr licking his lips*

*grabs mic* HAND SIZE SZN…

But in all reality, these QB’s are one Soroity sister away from being Eskimo Bros and identical twins almost. Jones and Allen are both 6’5, mid 220-230 range, and my god the Hand Size is down right NSFW. But where it starts to show a comparsion is in the stats. Jones and Allen are/were on mediocre teams, with Allen in the MW and Jones in the ACC. Allen’s last season he has a stat line of 152/270, 1832 yds, 16 TDs to 6 INT’s and added 5 more TDs on the ground. Jones is currently at 1100 yds, 9TDs and 4 INT’s with a few games left in the season. 

Will Grier=Baker Mayfield

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1st Team All-Flow

“Almost Heaven, Lost to the Sooners…”

Now, I made sure to Stretch before reaching this far (still pulled a hammy) but it kinda almost makes sense. Both guys did play in the Big12, so we know they have decent numbers because the Big12 couldn’t stop a toddler running it up the middle on 1st and Goal. Both were HUGE Heisman favorites going into their seasons (Grier has died out more or less) and both use their legs and arm to make amazing plays. Grier is 2 inches taller than Mayfield and may have a few more lbs packed on, but if you put these two head to head, they both have similar throwing and running motions and both have the “I don’t care who you are, I’ll throw your way” mentality. 

Drew Lock=Josh Rosen

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Arm Sleeve= +5 Throw Power

The Most QB looking QB’s you’ll ever see

The Rosen One and Lock both were stats fillers in college, with Rosen in the Jim More “Airish Raid” system and Drew Lock, who has torn up the SEC at Mizzouri for 3 years now. Lock always have been whispered as a Heisman Darkhorse every pre-season, but it usually never sticks round and died off. His Arm Strength and Accuracy is what labels him so closely to Rosen, who was arguably the most Accurate QB in last years draft. As with Rosen, I can see Lock dropping a few picks or even a round, but whatever team snags him will be lucky to do so.

Dwayne Haskins = Sam Darnold

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Average Is The New Elite

Haskins and Darnold both played/play for Top Tier teams in College Football, Both can throw it around and make it look effortless…and both lost to a lower tier team in their seasons (Darnold lost to WSU, Haskins to Purdue). Both have decent Arm Strength, Good Accuracy, but where they both shine is as Game Managers. Both know how to read a defense like a teen girl read The Faults In Our Stars, both can audible WR to change up plays, and both just find a way to get the ball from point A to B.

Justin Herbert= Lamar Jackson

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“Should I Stay Or Should I Go”

Now, Their stats may say they are Night and Day, but I have 2 big reasons why they are related.

  1. Herbert is torn on Declaring or staying another season. Jackson left Lousiville as a Junior and had the same struggle before declaring.(IMO if he stayed, he would be the top QB this season) Herbert has commented that he has not thought about it at all and is only focused on this season. BUT we all know he has been thinking about it.
  2. They were not huge prospects since they first started playing and rose to fame. Yes, every player has this, but both Jackson and Herbert didn’t start getting stock in the NFL draft until the end of their Sophomore seasons and strong into their Junior Seasons. 

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