We were having a discussion in our Slack chat the other day about how other teams stack up with Alabama this year. Our Clemson guys of course thought that they stacked up well, along with a few of our other writers. Lets set the record straight though; this Bama team is probably one of the, if not THE best team Saban has ever coached.

Yes, Saban has had teams win the Natty purely off of how great a defense he had, and a safe, conservative quarterback behind center (I.E. AJ McCarron, Greg McElroy, Blake Barnett). Tua gives this Alabama team a new feel, a new dynamic that we haven’t really seen from a Nick Saban led squad.

I’m not saying that Clemson isn’t talented because by gawd they are, but this Alabama team is another beast. This is very hard for me to say as my grandmother is from Alabama, I have family that lives in Alabama, and I have to hear Dixie Land Delight anytime I go see them. Personally I think this Alabama team will be one for the history books, but only time will tell.

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