This week I had to put the spotlight on an entire team. Clemson beating Louisville by 61 points, 77-16, is outrageous. 10 different players scored a touchdown.

Clemson put up 661 yards of total offense, scoring 10 touchdowns. This is similar to if your favorite team loses to another team in real life so you hop on NCAA and set the difficulty to JV so you can get some revenge and beat the shit out of that team in a video game. Except Louisville hasn’t beaten Clemson recently and Clemson still crushed them in real life. 77 points is the second most points Clemson has ever scored, behind the 82 they put up against Wake Forest in 1981.

I absolutely believe that no one is going to beat Alabama for the National Championship this year. But if any team in the country has some sort of a chance, it’s Clemson. Get ready for Bama vs. Clemson IV.

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