After Florida’s beatdown of Florida State on Saturday, the normal rivalry nonsense began taking place. Gator players, ecstatic that they had beaten their foes from Tallahassee for the first time since 2012, began to celebrate. The celebrating included UF players grabbing the Gator flag and attempting to plant in the middle of the field. He was stopped by Coach Taggart and UF’s own Dan Mullen.

Now, a lot of Seminole fans decried this as disrespectful, which it absolutely is. But there were also calls this the attempted flag planting had “no place in football”.


This a game that has intense rivalries. People across the country, whether it be in Alabama, Texas, or Wisconsin, grow up hating each other over a football game. Families, marriages (or in Alabama’s case, both) become divided over a three-hour contest in November. This extended to the play on the field; players feed off fan hate, which makes the game that much more intense.

There’s a reason why even games like NC State/UNC, a rivalry that doesn’t get a lot of press, saw a fight this weekend.

The point here is: fans should WANT to see this kind of stuff in a rivalry. If UF players attempt to plant their flag on the Seminole logo, Seminole players should be right there to prevent it. As an FSU student, I was more upset that only a few players tried to stop it. Former Florida State players were irate on social media

Rivalries are supposed to be full of hateful antics towards the other teams, that is what makes them fun. Hell, Florida State players carry a gator head around the stadium every time they win a game.

Georgia players running out on the field to celebrate the opening touchdown against UF?  Super fun.

Auburn players chanting “we want Bama” after beating them in 2017? That’s the fun part of the rivalry.

These are college kids. Let them have fun. If the other team doesn’t have the guts to confront them; so be it. It’s a rivalry. This makes it fun. 

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