Kentucky traveled to Knoxville to snap their 16-game losing streak at Tennessee, but instead they extended it and landed them the title Loser of the Week in week 11.

After a disappointing loss in the battle for the SEC east with Georgia, Kentucky looked to finish the season with a 10-2 record which could’ve been their best record since 1977. Kentucky did not look prepared to play at all, perhaps they thought showing up would be enough but that proved to be false when the (then 4-5) Tennessee Volunteers soon shattered any thoughts of that when they defeated the Wildcats at home 24-7.

Dan Mullen took credit for the loss after the game saying “Really starts with me and really ends with me. Didn’t have the team prepared. Not a good enough job by myself and I’ve gotta accept that responsibility, get back to work and do some things differently and try to get a better result.”

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