Coming into the 2018 season, Michigan State had huge expectations. The Spartans brought back just about every starter from a team that won probably the quietest ten games of all time. 

2018 was supposed to be another step forward. Brian Lewerke looked ready to take that next step, the defense was poised to be one of Dantonio’s best, and the Big Ten Championship and maybe, just maybe, the playoff were on the table.

Fast forward to today, 26 November. Michigan State is 7-5 and awaiting their bowl destination. There was a feeling of dread whenever MSU’s stout defense would get off the field. Watching MSU’s offense made me feel physical pain.

Michigan State gave up more than thirty points one time. That was a win to Utah State. Utah State has a good offense and that would end up being well under their season average, good job guys. MSU gave up 16 or less in two losses and 29 or less in the other three. That’s infuriating. MSU failed to score 20 points six times. SIX TIMES!!!!!

2018 is Over

This season is over. I really only care about the Rose Bowl or the playoff. Other than that, the bowl game is a potential fun matchup and more importantly, another month of practices and the chance to improve before spring ball comes around and we start this whole college football thing over again.

Dave Warner

The #FireWarner movement has picked up serious traction. I am 100% on board. Let’s find a replacement for a guy who has not been fired!

So…. Let’s Talk Replacements

Kliff Kingsbury

Every fan base lacking a good offense is going to want this guy. NFL fan bases are going to want this guy. Here’s the thing, he’s not coming to MSU. He’s Kliff Frigging Kingsbury. He’s been breaking hearts all his life and he’s gonna break some more this offseason.

Kingsbury would instantly be a celebrity. As soon as he shows up at Rick’s, all the guys are going home disappointed. I can already see Kingsbury rocking his wayfarers in a damn blizzard in East Lansing. He’ll look great in green and white. This will be especially true when Brian Lewerke wins the Heisman next year under Kingsbury’s leadership.

Likeliness 1/10, but please?

I promise that’s not Ryan Gosling.

Nov 2, 2013; Lubbock, TX, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Kliff Kingsbury before the game with the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Jones AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Warner

Mark Dantonio is a huuuuuuuuuge loyalty guy. This is the likely scenario and I still only kinda hate it. If MSU can run block and turn in around 200 yards a game on the ground we’re not having this conversation. But that’s been a big “if” the last three seasons. If the O-line play improves, I think there’s still a chance for success.

Likeliness 7/10

Tee Martin

The former Tennessee QB did what Peyton Manning could never do, win a national title. He’s currently the OC at USC. Sure they hit some roadbumps this year themselves, but having a true freshman quarterback can lead to that. Clay Helton is keeping his job, but making some staff changes may be part of why he was allowed to keep his position as head coach.

It’s an out-of-the-box solution, but I’d be a fan of it.

Likeliness 3/10


Bobby Petrino is not the best guy around. Hell, he’s not even the best coach around. Scandal and lackluster teams have followed him to the ends of the Earth. Every fan base he has touched hates him. I would pay money for a camera crew to follow Petrino and Dantonio’s every interaction. The memeability of that relationship is too much to pass up. I guess Petrino can coach up QB’s and he certainly knows how to use skill players. Whatever.

Likeliness: -4/10, but that would be fun(ny)

Pep Hamilton

This is actually the move I would like the best. He’s done really good work for Michigan’s offense and I think he’s got a great football mind. His philosophy for the passing game doesn’t ask his quarterbacks to do too much and that fits what MSU wants to do on offense perfectly.

If Michigan decides to make changes to their offensive staff and Hamilton is out of the job, East Lansing would be a pretty interesting spot to end up for him.

Likeliness 4/10, not likely.

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