It’s not every year that you see two of the worst Power 5 teams playing each other, and today we saw just that. Rutgers and Kansas squared off for the bragging rights of not being the worst team in college football. 

Rutgers @ Kansas: the battle for the bottom of the Bigs. RT to agree that loser needs to drop out of a P5 conference— Student Union Sports (@StudentUSports) September 15, 2018

We tweeted out about this a few hours ago, but I think there could. be some great things that come out of this. If it were to be done right, I think that it would be great for College Football. For it to be done, there may have to be some conference realignments, teams would be put in conferences due to their geographic placement. 

My rule proposal is like one you see in soccer, the worst team gets relegated, while the best Group of 5 team gets promoted up to the Power 5 Conference that they are closest to. Now yes, I understand that there are teams that have the same record, in this case I think that you use the point differential stat. If you’re getting blown out losing, no one is gonna want to continue watching that. 

For the promotion, I think you always have that one Group of 5 team that is always looked at as the best, this past year you had UCF, this year you have UCF again and Boise State seems to be making a lot of noise. 

I think there’s two ways to go about who goes up and down, the first way is the way that I mentioned previously. The best and worst go on by record, and then point differential. You could also have the two with the worst record/differential play against each other in their own type of “Playoff. “

This is only one of the many ideas that could be used for the NCAA, just take a minute, think about it, hit me up when you make your decision. 

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