It’s Halloween. It means one of two things:

  1. You’re out partying until 3am and gonna regret doing so because it’s a god damn Wednesday and it is the middle of a School/Work week.
  2. You’re gonna stay home and relax, pass out some candy and binge watch some lame scary movie (Saw is my personal favorite)

So, in honor of the #Spooky holiday, I have complied a list of a few of the scariest players in CFB from the past few years. Sit back, unwrap some candy, and enjoy:

Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

Image result for ed oliver
I mean come on, he makes JJ Watt look small

Ed Oliver is by far one of the most intimidating players to cross CFB in a handful of years. The DT from Houston is 6’3. 298 pounds. That’s not fat my friends, that is majority muscle which is insane to think about. It is almost like having The Mountain from Game of Thrones line up across from you on the Line of Scrimmage…

Shawn Oakman, DE, Baylor

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Bottle Fed Whey Protein 

So funny story, totally forgot his name and just had to Goggle “Scary Baylor Lineman Meme”. Long and behold, Shawn Oakman shows up, and I totally forgot when Twitter had a hayday with this man:

Image result for shawn oakman memes
Image result for shawn oakman memes

Well, Oakman ended up in Jail for assault shortly after his Baylor career ended so the memes slowly died off and no news has been present for Mr.Oakman since.

Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

Image result for derrick henry

Speaking of Memes, Derrick Henry was created into one when he towered over Mark Ingram during the CFB National Championship against Clemson. Henry stands at 6’3, 240 pounds and ran a 4.54…..

Will Hernandez, OLine, UTEP

Image result for wil hernandez football

A sleep pick for scary, but non the less Hernandez is a monster of a lineman. Standing at 6’3, 330 pounds, Will looks like a beast and rocking a Neck Pad makes him look like a stud. Oh, also he killed it during the Bench Press during the NFL Draft:

Nick Saban, Head Coach, Alabama

Image result for nick saban close up


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