As we head into conference championship week, the second to last college football playoff rankings have been released after a big finish to the regular season.

For the first time in the short five-season history of the college football playoffs, there are multiple undefeated teams in the top-4.

There is three to be exact; Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame.

Of course, there is also a fourth undefeated team in the top-10 in the No. 8 Central Florida Knights of the non-power five AAC conference.  

As many college football fans probably remember, UCF went undefeated last season after finishing with a 34-27 victory over Auburn in the Peach Bowl.

Did I say probably? I mean absolutely should!

Central Florida had absolutely no problem at all making it known that they were the only undefeated team.

They went as far as considering themselves National Champions and throwing a parade at Disney World for that self-proclaimed honor.  

It brought to mind the classic Disney advertisements featuring championship winning players from a number of sports. So this seemed like a bold statement that caught the attention of the sports world.

Of course, it seems like it would be pretty convenient to throw a parade at Disney World when your schools located in the same city though.

Granted they did beat a team (Auburn) that beat the actual National Champions; Alabama.

Now, do I think last season’s UCF team gets a single victory against Alabama?

Absolutely not!
Would I hope for it though?

Sure, I hate Alabama, fuck them.

But I am just trying to be realistic.

Hey, I could be wrong!

But it is tough to know these things for sure unless these two teams were to actually play.

Just like it is tough to know how good an undefeated 2018 Knights team is when they only play 1-2 power-5 conference teams a year (they had a game against an ACC team canceled in each of the last two seasons)

And looking at their schedule in 2019 and 2020, they have just a couple of power-5 opponents once again.

This is exactly UCF’s problem.

If they really want to parade around (literally) like they are the best and get the respect they think they deserve they need to beef-up their damn schedule.

Like it is no question why they are not in the top-4 right now despite being undefeated.

Yes, they beat Auburn last year and that is great, but that is only one game!

But since they think they are so fucking great the NCAA needs to put their heads together and basically make UCF play one of, if not definitely the toughest schedule in the nation.

Considering your selves National champions and throwing a parade is a pretty fucking ballsy move when you play next to no one.

Strength of schedule is a huge part of the college football playoff committee’s criteria.

They should know that by now.

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What a stupid column! Yeah buddy let’s “make them play the toughest schedule in the country” – you ‘tard, if you knew anything about college football you would know that the NCAA has nothing to do with that. The schools set the schedule and the P5 candy asses don’t want to play UCF. It’s too risky for say a Georgia to get that ass whopped by a pumped up Knights team in Athens in October. Get the P5 p*ssies to schedule some quality Group of Five schools but oh yeah, ask how that worked out for UCLA vs Cincy or… Read more »

Mr. Michael Reilly
Mr. Michael Reilly

Oh no this is a great column, what I say here would make college football way more exciting, no question. Technically the teams are a part of the NCAA so my point there is still valid. Ha ha And if it’s too risky “for say a Georgia to get that ass whopped by a pumped up Knight team in Athens in October.” then Georgia’s just pussy as fuck. Bad opinion here Jacob, pick up your damn trash and keep it out of my post comments section. You’ll probably get worked up and comment back which regardless of what you I… Read more »