I’ve been pushed over the limit now. As the college day was wrapping up and I had just witnessed Purdue make OSU their PurDaddy, Wazzu once again ruining the Pac-12’s chances at a playoff spot, and the Doyerz going to the World Series, I was scrolling through Twitter and I came across this video of ESPN “Analyst” Kirk Herbstreit. We all know Kirk, the “Expert” for ESPN and totally not an OSU Fanboy or biased to them in anyway…

I am so sick and f***ing tired of every sports media outlet named Bleacher Report, ESPN, and SB Nation (but mostly ESPN) disrespecting UCF just because they are a Group of Five team. Yes, they play in the AAC (American Athletic Conference) and it isn’t exactly the SEC, but spoiler… neither is the Pac-12 or the ACC. These outlets week in and out keep disrespecting UCF for playing “cupcake” teams and still remaining undefeated while they will still bend over and kiss the ass of Oklahoma, LSU, and now Ohio State. Let’s take it back to 2015, when Western Michigan was the Group of 5 powerhouse and see what good ole’ Kirk has to say about them:

Skip to 13:00

At this point in the season, Western Michigan was undefeated and, no surprise here, ESPN was riding them like Lebron in LA. Kirk never said ANYTHING about the Broncos playing in the MAC, how they had played no one up to that point, or how they were undefeated due to luck.

Oh yeah, and this was Week 11….

Want another example of how UCF is being disrespected? Well, we all remember Fresno State, right? In 2013, they had Derek Carr, now the starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders and a decent player. He was the Gunslinger for the Bulldogs during that season when they went 11-2 and Kirk had this to say about them:

Kirk was noted on a Gameday episode that he felt the team wasn’t ranked high enough and deserved more respect. Deserved more respect? In the conference that has a tough line up such as San Diego State and Boise State? C’mon Kirk, if you’re gonna trash one team, do it all the same to others. And the list of teams or conferences can go on and on. But just because you get called out for leaving an undefeated team out from last season, you know have to knit pick every little thing they do wrong.

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So UCF, don’t feel too bad. Ohio State lost the same day he made the remarks about UCF and their strength of schedule. Plus, with Blood Week a week prior and still a few weeks left in the season, we don’t know what will happen. But one thing is for certain, if UCF goes undefeated again, the Committee, along with Kirk, will give no respect to whom it is due.

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Its been favoritism for years for big name schools. That will never change. The sport doesnt want to five lesser known intitutions a shot because of money and been shown up. Remember Boise State upset of Oklahoma ? The polls dont want to see that again. Once upon a time. Princeton , Yale Army and Harvard use to dominate college football. All the bigger schools couldnt stand a chance back then. The Ivey league schools use to eat up the likes of alabama, Michigan , notre dame , ohio state , usc , and the list goes On and on.… Read more »