This Saturday the No. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish are taking on the No. 12 Syracuse Orange at Yankee Stadium.

Notre Dame football is my favorite team in all of sports and they are playing my (much improved) second favorite team in college football.

Being both a diehard fan of college football in general and having lived an hour away from Syracuse both growing up and at school, it is inevitable to follow and root for these guys.

Of course, it helps to have an extremely likable head coach like Dino Babers, who in his third season has really got this program going in the right direction.

Seeing both my two favorite teams doing so well, plus the game taking place at the home of my favorite baseball team is awesome.

Uniform wise, this is a Shamrock Series game and Notre Dame is going with these awesome New York Yankees inspired jerseys. Usually, I have not been a fan of the Shamrock Series jerseys, but as a diehard fan of both these teams, it was gonna be hard to hate these. The Pinstripe pants and accents on the shoulders was a great touch.

As for Syracuse, they announced their jersey combination for the game on Wednesday.

All white is definitely not the combination I would have chose. Not that there is anything wrong with these jerseys (the orange-blue numbers are awesome), but I was hoping big time that they would wear their rarely used grey jerseys.

I mean we have already seen the whites this year, grey works great with the team’s navy and orange, and a big neutral game like this seems like a great opportunity to wear these criminally underused uniforms.

They did actually wear those jerseys against Notre Dame at Metlife Stadium back in 2014.

But this game definitely is a little bittersweet; I have to root against Syracuse and no matter who wins, one of my favorite teams loses (hopefully it is Syracuse).

I will say, given the unusual circumstances I am dealing with as a fan, I think it is actually better Syracuse has two loses as opposed to one (or undefeated like they should be).

This way, at least if the game ultimately goes how I want it to; Notre Dame winning, it will not be at the expense of kicking Syracuse out of the playoff race.

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