Week Five to me has always been the week where you figure out who’s heading in which direction. The sample size is finally available and we’ve got a solid idea of who is good, who’s average and who is actually bad. I feel like teams 5-38 are just a jumbled mess. And that’s fine. There’s plenty of football for them to figure out who they are.

College Football Playoff

If it started today here’s what we would have. I’m just gonna set the matchup so that Georgia and Clemson play because I love that rivalry. Ohio State and Bama should play for sure as well. That’s about the biggest matchup you could put together in all of college football right now. 

Either way, the playoffs don’t start today.


  1. Dwayne Haskins, big win on the road. has the numbers.
  2. Tua, hasn’t played a fourth quarter yet. Putting up big numbers anyways.
  3. Benny Snell Jr, the heart and soul of the Kentucky Offense
  4. Trace McSorley, almost willed the Penn State offense to a win. Fun to watch.
  5. Kyler Murray, did you know he got drafted in the first round of the MLB draft?

Things I liked

The Ryder Cup! Even though the United States lost it was a blast to watch the pairs for both sides. The thing that bothered me the most is how long it took the Americans to play as pairs. It didn’t seem like Tiger had any interest of being anywhere near Patrick Reed. And it showed. Reed was baaaaaaaaaaad. What I really enjoyed was watching how the young guys played. Sure, Reed loves playing with Spieth. It wasn’t that Spieth didn’t want to play with Reed. He just wanted to play with his good pal Justin Thomas. JT & Spieth had a solid weekend together. We’ll see what the guys can do again in two years. 

Ohio State’s win on the road

This has quickly become my new favorite Big Ten East rivalry. Penn State has closed the gap between them and Ohio State very nicely over the last few years. The White-Out might be the toughest road environment in American sports. It’s a beautiful spectacle and these two powerhouses did not disappoint. Ohio State once again triumphed late. For large portions of this game, they were outplayed. But the great teams make the plays when they need to. Ohio State did that. Win out and they’re in no question.

Central Michigan heading to East Lansing

Aside from Michigan weekend, my favorite weekends are when the good folks from directional Michigan head into town. They love their schools and you’ve really gotta admire the confidence. When you root for goliath, you expect to win, you’re supposed to win. When you root for David, you stand the chance to be inspired. Sometimes I kinda hope they win, they deserve it. It’s bigger for them than any MAC championship or Motor City Bowl or whatever the hell they call it now. I love these games, and not just because I get to see good friends from other schools.

Notre Dame….. Turning the Page

It had been almost thirty years since Notre Dame beat a top-10 team at home. It had been since 1995 that they put a beatdown like that on a top-10 team. Notre Dame went to Ian Book at quarterback with Brandon Wimbush struggling. Ian Book excels at being exactly what Notre Dame needs; a guy who can manage the offense and let the playmakers do their thing. 

It was the right move and Notre Dame seems to be more back than they were when they went to the BCS title game. If Notre Dame goes 12-0, are they in for sure? Maybe, and it’ll be one helluva debate. Still gotta play out the games though. Virginia Tech still looks like a tough one.

Kentucky Quietly Being the Best Story in College Football

Okay maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic but I’ve gotta go all the way back to the days of Andre Woodson and Randall Cobb to remember when Kentucky was this fun. Benny Snell Jr is one of the most electrifying players in the nation and UH OH!!! The Cats have a defense! Just about every game is winnable from here on out. My big concern? Georgia at home to start November. But a road win against A&M this week and I am all in on the Cats. This could be a VERY special year in Lexington and I am here for it.

Waking Up Early to Tailgate

One thing that really makes college football special is tailgating. Nothing beats it. My friends and I ventured out into East Lansing and ended up having beers and playing tailgate games with an assortment of alumni, townies, other students and just had a blast. I was almost sad when the game started because that meant that party time was over for the most part. But getting up at 8, immediately diving into a beer and some food, and getting outside in the crisp Michigan air is the best feeling in the world.

Things I Am Not Fond of

Honestly, not a whole lot to complain about from week five. Friday was pay day, me and the roommates got a keg. My roommate Mitch is on the race car team here at MSU, they won second this weekend at a big event in Toronto, shout out to them!


Not a big fan of injuries. Right now MSU has quite a few of them and it is showing. Let’s hope the boys get healthy by 20 October.

Michigan’s comeback win

There’s actually a lot to like about this. But, it’s Michigan. Northwestern is a weird place to visit, especially when the weather gets hairy. Great comeback by Michigan. The defense only allowed 72 yards after going down 17-0. Good job Michigan. Bad job Northwestern.


HEAR ME OUT. I like UCF, I like these guys. I just don’t know what to put for the title. I feel bad for ’em. No one wants to pay them to come play and no one will schedule a home & home. It frustrates me to no end that these guys will probably never get a chance to prove just how good they are while they’re in this incredible stretch. They’re a long shot for the playoff even if they do go undefeated. All because of their stupid conference.

Boise State pretty much screwed this up for G5 teams by going out and beating P5 teams in neutral site games. 

Working On Saturday

I have worked every Saturday this football season. This is less than ideal. However, it is fun talking football with the guys at work and complaining about our outlandish bets not working out.


Five weeks in the books, let’s get weird the rest of the year. College football is never long enough. Just enjoy the tailgates we do have left and let’s finish strong.

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