College football in a word: crazy. Lots of crazy things happen every year in the world of college football. Some crazier than others but I think we should go over some scenarios, that while not likely, are still officially on the table.

4-Loss Pitt team in the ACC Championship

This one is mildly crazy as they would just get absolutely humiliated by Clemson in the ACC Championship. However, it is still possible. Mainly because the ACC Coastal is the worst division in the Power 5 and it’s not even close. Currently at 3-4 they are tied for 2nd with Miami and Virginia at 2-1 in conference play. So obviously, if they win out they’ll be 8-4 but 7-1 in conference play with the tie breaker over Virginia Tech assuming they win every other conference game.

Defensive Heisman?

With Nick Bosa chasing the bag and cancelling the remainder of his games it is Ed Oliver who has came into the forefront as a Defensive Heisman candidate. And it is not me just saying this either, even the ESPN account is allowing people to vote via twitter for Ed Oliver. So he is seriously picking up some steam. Will he win it though? Probably not. Mainly cause the voters are always heavy on the quarterbacks. However, it is nice to see someone on the defensive end it getting some recognition.

Top 10 AAC Match Up

UCF is already at No.10 and assuming they win their next four games they will probably remain in the Top 10. Then there is the USF Bulls. I have already shared my opinion on how good I think this team is. They have some pretty good AAC games leading up to their match up with the fake champions. They got Houston and then ranked Cincinnati on the road. If they hang on to win those and not blow it in their three not-so-worthy opponents they should be nearing the Top 10, and if some things bounce their way we could have a Top 10 AAC game–maybe for the first time ever.

Kentucky. Playoffs?

Yes, I said it. And a lot of people in my inner circle on twitter have mentioned the same thing. It is still possible for this team make the CFP. If you weren’t aware already Kentucky is currently ranked…in the Top 15. They are ranked 14th and they already have a win over No.11 Florida on the road this season. Florida takes on Georgia in their next game at the WLOCP. So if I am Kentucky I am a Gator fan next weekend as a loss to Florida and then Kentucky beats them all but knocks UGA out of the SEC East race. Then it is all about Kentucky not blowing it against Tennessee, MTSU,  Mizzou, or Louisville. Then the toughest part…beating Alabama–or someone else but probably Alabama. If they pull that off this would be one of the craziest stories in college football history.

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