Call ’em the best, most memorable, most recognizable: fight songs become ingrained in your mind, even if you can’t remember the associated school. When you listen to this list, there’s a chance you’ll either be pulled back into the student section of your alma mater for one more fourth quarter comeback, or you’ll remember the times playing EA’s NCAA Football and running over to celebrate with the mascot after a big score in the BCS National Championship.

Somewhere, sometime, you’ve heard these tunes along the way. Sit back, relax and click play on a nostalgic countdown that brings forth the best part about college sports.

#5 – Anchors Aweigh, Navy Midshipmen

Any list of college fight songs without Anchors Aweigh is without value. When the marching band begins to play this, count me in for goosebumps full of patriotism.

#4 – Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma Sooners

This is one of those that you know the tune by heat, but might not remember which school is blasting this in the stands on Saturday. A classic college hit, quick tempo, strong drum-line and short and sweet.

#3 – Fight On, USC Trojans

Widely considered the best among fight song experts, Fight On is a national treasure. Growing up hating the Trojans, this song has always put me on edge, but include the anticipation added from “Troy” immediately beforehand along with the punched of the song and it’ll get your blood pumping right before the team let’s you down.

Honorable Mentions

On, Wisconsin, Wisconsin Badgers

Aggie War Hymn, Texas A&M

Go U Northwestern, Northwestern

#2 – The Victors, Michigan Wolverines

The Granddaddy of fight songs, The Victors is quite possibly the most heard of football march in all the land. With the long history of the Michigan football program, it’s easy to remember their incredible composition that has lasted all the way since 1898.

#1 – Victory March, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Nothing tops the Fighting Irish’s classic hit from the early 1900’s. So recognizable, you could play it on any street corner in America and neighbors would know there’s a Notre Dame fan outside. It’s made multiple appearances in theaters, notably in Rudy and Airplane! With the perennial success of Notre Dame football, the Victory March stills rings in the ears that consider South Bend a home away from home.

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