Former Ohio State WR Coach Zach Smith is off the Henny once again, and this time his target is Tom Herman, who does not care one bit.

“Ok. Cool

Hook Em! 🤘”


Lest we forget that Tom Herman is an established savage. 

I’m convinced the only thing Smith could have truly said or done to provoke Herman at this point is throwing the Horns Down. 

Seriously though, jokes aside, it is disgusting and sad that this is what Smith is resorting to. After everything he’s put his ex-wife and his kids through, he’s decided to drag another family through the mud? So maybe Tom Herman isn’t the most stand up guy, let’s address this outside of a public forum like Twitter. Don’t put Herman’s wife and kids on blast in the public eye. There’s no reason for it.

Zach Smith I’m talking to you now.

You did something wrong and it’s been proven multiple times. You can’t even disappear from the spotlight quietly. Don’t embarrass your family further, sign off, take a deep breath, then throw your phone in the ocean. You’re being childish and you’ve been childish your entire career, don’t make this worse.

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