"Remember to always be yourself, unless you suck.  Then pretend to be someone else."

Twitter: @MegatronJakes

Hometown: Delphi, Indiana

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Colin Cowherd

Favorite Athlete: Kevin De Bryune

Favorite Team: Ohio State

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: Ohio State vs Ichigan

Best tradition at your college: Bed Races/Chirp, Chirp

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Brothers

Best class you’ve ever taken: US History with Brian Tonsoni

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts: Sorry for the Hiatus

I’m sorry for the couple of weeks off, my fellow companions. I’m just now getting into the flow of things again, so I figured that I’d pump out some content while I can’t sleep. If any of you follow us on Snapchat (@studentusports), then you saw how much I was struggling with the fact that […]

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts: Week 4

We were having a discussion in our Slack chat the other day about how other teams stack up with Alabama this year. Our Clemson guys of course thought that they stacked up well, along with a few of our other writers. Lets set the record straight though; this Bama team is probably one of the, […]

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts: Week 3

Another week, another step closer to the Big Ten becoming like the Pac 12 after a laughably dismal showing. Ohio State was one of the few bright spots this week, along with Penn State. The B1G has officially been named the host of the worst team in College Football, as Rutger lost the Toilet Bowl […]

Rule Proposal for the NCAA

It’s not every year that you see two of the worst Power 5 teams playing each other, and today we saw just that. Rutgers and Kansas squared off for the bragging rights of not being the worst team in college football.  Rutgers @ Kansas: the battle for the bottom of the Bigs. RT to agree […]

The 10th Anniversary of the Greatest Game Ever Played

On September 13, 2008, Mississippi State and Auburn squared off at Davis Wade Stadium for what would be an instant classic. It didn’t look as if the barn was ever gonna burn, but with 7:38 left in the half, Will Byrum hit a 35-yard field goal to put the Tigers up 3-0. The offensive showdown […]

Nick Bosa: The Heisman Candidate We Need

As an Ohio State fan, it’s easy to be subjected to the bias that Nick Boss has been one of the best players in the nation, yet it is hard to believe that there have been many players that have played at a higher rate than him. Yes, it is easier to put a defensive […]

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts: Week 2

Well, another week is in the books for the college football season, and here are my thoughts on what happened in week two. Clemson is EXTREMELY lucky to leave Kyle Field with a win. I was in Fort Wayne watching this game and, let me tell you what, those refs were trash. From the fumble […]

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts: Week 1

This past weekend was one that should be celebrated as a national holiday as COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK. Hopefully all your bets, and dartying were as successful as mine.  After the first weekend I realized a few things, Texas is still not back, the SEC is crazy good, and the Big Ten East may not […]

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts

I’m not really in bed, but there were some thoughts that I wanted to share that we had discussed in our Slack channel. The discussion we were having was that of, “Who is the best head coach?” A lot of the discussion was that of Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh. Our writers Fur and Clemson […]

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts

As I think to myself everything that is going on with my beloved Buckeyes, I start to wonder, “If everything that has happened is true, who is gonna replace Urb?” Well I’ve put together a little list of people who could realistically replace him, and people who I personally would like. Lane Kiffin:  I’ll start […]