"Remember to always be yourself, unless you suck.  Then pretend to be someone else."

Twitter: @MegatronJakes

Hometown: Delphi, Indiana

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Colin Cowherd

Favorite Athlete: Kevin De Bryune

Favorite Team: Ohio State

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: Ohio State vs Ichigan

Best tradition at your college: Bed Races/Chirp, Chirp

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Brothers

Best class you’ve ever taken: US History with Brian Tonsoni

Purdue: The B1G Hope

March Madness is finally here, to celebrate I went through every B1G seed and matchup… I found that no team benefitted more than Purdue did with their draw. Of the eight teams that received bids for the B1G, there are a lot of teams that could very well be eliminated in the first weekend. However, […]

The Committee gets something right

As we watched the reveal of the 68 team field for the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament, let’s remember the past. The committee has always, in my uneducated opinion (see Delphi Bracketology 2017), gotten teams wrong in previous years. This year, however, I feel like the committee finally got it right. They gave an at-large bid […]

Nevada Faced Post-Game Drama After Loss

Look, we all hate losing. I will do everything in my power to try and win in a family game of Pictionary, whether that’s mouthing the word to my grandpa, or trying to make as close to a symbol as I can. I mention all of this because it is very evident that the currently […]

Why is the Combine so Special?

Now look, I understand what you might be thinking here. It’s special due to the nature of kids living out their life long dreams! However, wouldn’t you think that playing for you childhood school (college) be that dream as well? Wouldn’t going out there with your brothers, wearing your school colors, coming out in front […]

Put me in Buzz

Coach Buzz Williams posted a video today, and my god I was willing to drive to VA Tech, ready to run through a wall for that man. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is. It’s no wonder why the Hokies have been one of the grittiest teams in the country this year, it’s […]

Locker Room Talk: Episode 3

The Student Union Sports podcast about nothing in particular. Hot takes, cold drinks, and trash talk is what we like best. This weeks topics include Joe Flacco, Nick Cage, and life on Mars…. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Dan’s Bedtime Thoughts: CBB Edition

It’s college basketball season! Yes, I know that CBB started way back in November, but now that we’re without football, I’ll officially declare it college basketball season. Let’s tackle a couple of big storylines making headlines this season. Tennessee, favorite to win it? Now I know it’s always hard to tell at this point of […]

Locker Room Talk: Episode 2

The Student Union Sports podcast about nothing in particular. Hot takes, cold drinks, and trash talk is what we like best. This week on the Locker Room Talk podcast we are talking about anything and everything. We have hosts Andy Jones, Sam Tschida and Big Hoppa, then first timers myself (Daniel Jakes) and Tre Butler. […]

ASU Roasts Zona

Every morning I wake up the first thing I do is check the notifications on my phone, then scroll through twitter. It was there that I saw my favorite Twitter roast of all time. Sleep tight @APlayersProgram 😴 pic.twitter.com/ugUtNArive — Sun Devil MBB (@SunDevilHoops) January 31, 2019 I am here for all the Twitter banter, […]

IU/Purdue Battle for the Hoosier State

There is a huge showdown in West Lafayette happening today. At 2 pm the Hoosiers from Bloomington make the 2 hour drive north to face their instate rivals the Purdue Boilermakers. Let’s get a breakdown of what will make this matchup an instant classic. Guard Play For this game it’ll be important to limit the […]