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Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Big Cat

Favorite Athlete: Johnny Manziel

Favorite Team: Giants/Mets/Rangers/Clemson/Rutgers

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: Kentucky Derby

Best tradition at your college: Running down the hill

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Tiger Town Tavern

Best class you’ve ever taken: Linear programming

Saturday Night, I Was a Lifelong Astros Fan

I’ve known I was going to Houston for a conference this past weekend since April. I’ve also known that the Astros were playing in the ALCS against the Yankees for the past week and a half or so. However, I did not put two and two together to realize that I might be in a […]


We made it guys, we finally made it. Football season has been upon us for about two months now, and it has been awesome. But the MAC is back. Nothing beats getting together with the boys early on a Saturday and slamming as many light beers of your choice as possible all afternoon while watching […]

Optimizing Gameday With Your Boys

Little known fact: I’m a PhD student in Industrial Engineering. What does that mean? I’m not good at making things, but I’m good at making things better. I did not invent football, but I’m here to teach you how to make your football gameday better. If you have a girl, you either need to get […]

The Student Union Sports Podcast Ep. 7: Jim McElwain and a Good Looking Catfish

The Student Union Sports Podcast offers you an inside look at college sports from the perspective of actual college students while also highlighting our talented student writers. Today’s show includes hot takes from Student Union writers Andrew Grimes, Brendan Smith and Clemson Carl. Johnny Rambos and Hunt Dad of the Johnny Rambos show also stopped […]

College Basketball Preseason Round Table

Merry Basketballmas, friends. The best five months of the year are finally here, so we asked some of our writers to sit down and talk about what they’re most excited about for the upcoming season. Player of the Year Prediction Sean Bock: Miles Bridges. The obvious favorite this year for player of the year, Bridges […]

Convicts Murder Catholics’ CFP Hopes

If you’re a college football fan, you gotta love when Notre Dame is having a decent season. Not because you actually root for them or anything like that, but because you get to hear the delusional Fighting Irish fans tell you how they’re the best team in history after an 11 point victory against Wake […]

How the Rankings SHOULD Look on Tuesday

You hear coaches say that the midseason rankings don’t matter and they don’t pay attention to them. On an extremely superficial level, sure. If you’re in the top 4 after week 8, it does not guarantee you end up in the playoffs. But you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think the rankings each week are […]

Gamecocks Being Regular Cocks

South Carolina is located in the heart of the Bible Belt. Most people in the state are the God-fearing type. They live their lives under the mantra “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Apparently, the ‘cocks in Columbia want bottles and debris hurled at them, women and children cussed at, […]

PSU Looks for Studs, Gets Duds Instead with Early Recruits

If you’re a State Penn,,, I mean Penn State fan, you probably see two 5-star recruits, four 4-star recruits before noon on early signing day and think you’re off to a good start. If you’re a Penn State fan, you probably also think Paterno and Sandusky were innocent, and nothing will ever change your mind […]

How To: Gamble Through The Holidays (Part 1)

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone, and congratulations to all of you who just finished up another semester at school. You’ve worked hard all semester to earn this holiday break, and this article (series???) goes out to you. If you’re like me, you normally have a final on the last possible day of every semester, so you […]

Campus Cover 019 with Clemson Carl

The Campus Cover (@TheCampusCover) is your primary source of College betting action. Hosted by PJ Guippone (@pjguip1) and Cody Goggin (@CodyGoggin), this podcast will give you picks of the week and previews of the best college action, whether on the court or the gridiron. Cody and PJ turn to a guest in the form of […]


ICYMI: Johnny Manziel tweeted out a hype video of himself today, to show that #Comeback$ZN is in full swing. The video consists of nothing more than Johnny stretching to Drake’s “God’s Plan” for just over a minute, but that’s all it takes for a viewer to become fully torqued. Johnny was the most electric athlete […]

Pater-NO: A Clapback to @PaulHouse “Unbiased” Trailer Review

BACKGROUND I’ll be honest… I’ve angrily tapped out many openings that needed to be deleted for the sake of my future with the company. Before responding to @PaulHouse article (if you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can watch it first there), you should know that I am extremely biased. I hate Penn State with a passion. […]

Today I got Flustered and Now I Hate Bison

Let’s Set The Stage 2018 has not quite been the year of Clemson Carl. I kicked off the year by losing all of my money on Clemson in the CFP semis… then Georgia in the finals… then New England in the Super Bowl… then school and personal life just took a big steamy dump on […]

Rutgers Reconfirms I Am The Smartest Person I Know

November 10, 2017: I inform the world that Rutgers will be a dominant force in basketball this season. People thought it was an outlandish joke simply to support my Knights. If you read the article though, you’d see that I knew Rutgers was ready to turn a corner. 51 points in the first two games […]

Hunter Johnson Transfers: Hate to See Him Go, But Love to Watch Him Leave

Today it became official that Hunter Johnson will transfer to Northwestern University. He’ll sit out the 2018-2019 season, but be left with 3 years of eligibility after that. This came as absolutely no surprise at all. We heard that Dabo granted Hunter the transfer release forms after the season, but everyone knew this was coming […]

Will Uber’s Announcement Lead to More Coaches Being Fired?

Everyone knows that to be an elite coach for pretty much any college program you need to be good at two things: recruiting and dealing with/covering up crimes. I’m not saying all athletes are criminals, but I am saying that in order to be a good criminal you have to be at least a little […]

The Student Union Sports Podcast: #WorldCupWoes

Special late night Summer edition of the Student Union Sports Podcast for the real fans out there. Today’s topics include World Cup gambling woes and the age old debate of Cigs vs JUUL…I know, riveting stuff as always. Guests include Clemson Carl, PJ Guippone and Bucky Grimes. Todays Segments/Topics 1:01: What qualifies as chain smoking? […]

Trump Doesn’t Really Hate LeBron

Written By Clemson Carl We’re living in some wild times right now. Traditionally, people watch sports to get away from politics, but politics and sports have never been more intertwined. If you don’t believe it, then explain why the national anthem is STILL the most talked about part of football. Like it or not, our […]

Was Greg Schiano the Biggest Patriot to Ever Coach in the NFL?

If you sit through any daytime sports show, you’ll almost certainly hear some discussion about NFL players taking a knee. With the season around the corner, I decided to do some investigating into how it all started.   A common misconception is that it was sparked by ex-quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Gonzo the […]