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Hometown: Big Bear, CA

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Adam Lefkoe and World Wide Wob

Favorite Team: LA Chargers, GCU Lopes, LA Angels, and Texas A&M

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The Super Bowl

Best tradition at your college: Being a Havoc

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: El Taco Tote

Best class you’ve ever taken: Sports Medicine

UCF Still Gets No Respect And I’m Over It

I’ve been pushed over the limit now. As the college day was wrapping up and I had just witnessed Purdue make OSU their PurDaddy, Wazzu once again ruining the Pac-12’s chances at a playoff spot, and the Doyerz going to the World Series, I was scrolling through Twitter and I came across this video of […]

ATTENTION: We Have Achieved Blood Week 2018

It happened. Mayhem Week, Blood Week, Chaos Week, whatever you call it, it happened Week 7 of the 2018 CFB Season. A Week where every team dreads and prays that their team will not be apart of… Dread It. Run From It. Destiny All Arrives The Same. 7 of the top 25 AP teams lost […]

College GameDay is Finally Going to Pullman, Washington

Folks, it’s finally happening. ESPN decided “Hm, next week’s games aren’t all that strong. NC State vs Clemson…meh. Maryland-Iowa? Yawn. Miss State and LSU? Hard pass. Michigan State vs Michigan? NOPE.” Enter Washington State and Oregon. Oregon has been the top dog of the Pac-12, when we all predicted Stanford or Washington, myself included. You […]

I Have Decided To Go All In On The Benny Snell Jr. Heisman Train

Hear me out. As many people know, I am a HUGE QB guy, and will ride or die with that position until the day I die. It is the most critical position in all of sports and can make or break your team. Now, while I may be a Gunslinger Stan, I love watching some […]

Why all of CFB should be cheering for WVU

West Virginia Mountaineers. Arguably one of if not the hottest teams in all of college football. We knew last season that they were up and coming within the Big 12, but with Baker Mayfield and the Sooners snapping necks and chasing checks, hopes were grim for a Playoff run… Well that is until Grier’s right middle finger […]

Student Union CFB Preview: Texas A&M

Oh man, the past 4-5 years of being an Aggies fan has easily taken a few weeks off my life. Winless Novembers, QBs transferring mid-season (yes, multiple QBs), and even a coaching change. From the good ole’ JFF days to now, with the ex-ACC powerhouse coach Jimbo Fisher taking over the Aggies, it’s been a […]

Student Union CFB Preview: UCLA Bruins

UCLA has had a very odd but productive offseason, with Jim Mora, Josh Rosen, and others leaving the team, while new faces such as Chip Kelly, Wilton Speight, and others have joined the team. The team who resides at the Rose Bowl is hoping that this season will help put them over the rival team […]

Student Union CFB Preview: TCU

Gary Patterson and his pack of Horned Frogs had a decent 2017-18 season, going 11-3 and having another great year, unlike every other Texas college team. This is their 3rd year out of the past 4 winning 11 or more games, which by all standards is amazing. But why do we still all doubt TCU? […]

How the Bama QB Battle is Hurting Hurts…

👀👀👀👀@JalenHurts: "No one came up to me the whole spring, coaches included, no one asked me how I felt. No one asked me what was on my mind. … Now when we're trying to handle the situation now, for me it's kinda late. It's too late. The narrative has already been created." pic.twitter.com/adJS7UxmdL — Alex […]

Student Union QB Lab: ACC

Hello and welcome to the first QB breakdown for the preseason of the 2018-2019 football season. In these articles, Cody Goggin and myself, Andy Jones, will be taking our top 3 QB’s from each Power 5 Conference (and possibly a Group of 5 article) and be breaking down some film, mechanics, and stats on each […]


Ladies, this article is more aimed towards you due to that men have exactly 0% say over wedding choices. Also, please take the words said in this article by heart because your significant other is hurting, but won’t say anything about being forced to these because they love you that much. So, if you haven’t […]

Student Union CFB Preview: Wisconsin

Wisconsin was by far one of the best all around teams of the 2017 season. They finished with a 13-1 record (9-0 in conference play minus the B1G Championship) and wrapped up the year with a win over the hot Miami team. So, what is the expectation heading into the 2018 season? To open a […]

Auburn Has Just Signed The Brandon Weeden Of The SEC

Sit down kids and let me tell you the story about a trendsetter in college football. This legend goes by the name of Brandon Weeden and he was a very special player over at Oklahoma State in Stillwater. He joined the Cowboys as a Freshman in 2007 and Redshirted. But he wasn’t any ordinary player, […]

Jim Harbaugh: Confirmed Steak Guy

The weirdest coach in all of College Football is back at it again. After watching the Amazon Prime show All Or Nothing with the Wolverines being featured, we got an inside look at some of the weird things Harbaugh likes to do: Compared his Daughter’s infected ear to not being Football tough enough (his wife […]


It’s 2018. We have the iPhone X, TVs that curve and 3D capabilities without glasses, and we have Virtual Reality gaming. Technology is advancing faster than we ever imagined, so how is it translating to the football field? Welllll… Not only is the Seeker the world’s first robotic quarterback, it’s also the world’s first robotic […]

Student Union CFB Preview: NC State

The NC State WolfPack, the team in the ACC who you can’t hate, but you also can’t love. Last season, this team had the power to jump ahead of the pack in the ACC and make some noise around the nation. But, in three of their 4 losses, they loss by 7 or fewer points. What […]

The MAC Has Done Something Awesome

When we think of the Mid-American Conference, we think of a Group of 5 conference who can sometimes do some damage to a Power 5 team (aka Kansas, Nebraska, and Rutgers). But boy oh boy did we get a treat at the MAC Media Day: “I have provided a MAC Jolly Roger flag to each institution […]

Fireside Chat w/ ARJ (Andrew Ryan Jones)

Hello folks, I am currently on vacation in the Mountains of Big Bear (my old hometown) and camping out. As the #Blogger I am, while sitting around the campfire and just twiddling my thumbs, I have decided I’m gonna do a lil good ole’ fireside chat. Yes, the Radio broadcast that President FDR did to […]

Why Mental Health/CTE Needs To Be Talked About

(Note: This will be more of a serious article, so if you’re looking for a good laugh, you won’t find it here) A while back, we heard the news about Tyler Hilinski and the tragic incident that occurred. It brought up various topics and outlooks surrounding mental health for both everyday people as well as […]

The Sports Fans You Meet Working At Lowe’s

It’s summer time and it means I’m doing one of two things: Chilling at home with real food, spending time with my family and girlfriend (editor’s note: sick brag, bro) Working at the Lowe’s down the street from my house In my 3-4 weeks of working at Lowe’s so far, I have met a handful […]

Thursday Throwbacks: A Special Edition Of Friday Fire

Why hello, I know you’re not used to seeing me write on a Thursday unless it’s a TBTQB (I have been lagging on them, but they will be coming out soon) but yet here we are. So, when I woke up and was catching up on our Slack chat this morning, our Bossman Brandon asked […]

Friday Fire: Karaoke Edition?

Well folks, the work week is finally over. Summer has officially started, we are less than 75 days away from both College Football and NFL, and best of all, it’s officially Lake/Beach/Pool SZN. It may be the dead period of sports, with only baseball and the NBA draft here to satisfy our needs, but that […]

Baker Plants a Flag Down Center-field At Cowherd University

Baker is back in the mainstream media once again, and oh boy is it for good reason after Baker was invited onto one of the worst sports talk shows in the entire universe, “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”. In the past few months, Colin has not been the biggest fan of Baker’s and even labeled […]

Why Texas Can’t Have Nice Things

Tom “The Crazy Hip Uncle” Herman. Bringing his swagger and all that jazz over to Austin to help bring back Texas. Well, spoiler alert: Texas is not back… They have had improvement in the past few years, by winning a few games, but we all remember the greatest game ever played by UT and I’m […]

Strike Up The Band…

If you don’t know by now, all of us here at Student Union love music. We grade NBA draft prospects based off of Ye songs.. Hell, we even give out our favorite songs of the week for Friday Fire. In this, we have seen songs from Takashi 69 all the way to Johnny Cash. So, […]

The Decision: Kyler Murray Edition

If you’ve been paying any attention to the MLB Draft (which literally 3 people in the world I think actually watch past the 1st pick), then you heard a very interesting name drafted by the Oakland A’s: This is not the first time that a college football player has been chosen in the MLB draft. […]

Row Tide: Bama Up A Creek…without any gas

It’s the start of June, Summer is in full swing, Darty SZN is officially activated, and College Football is just less than 3 months away. So, lets take a look into how Nick Saban and the National Champs are doing with practices and oh… Nick Saban and some of the @AlabamaFTBL players were stranded after […]

Campus Cover 031: Delayed NFL Draft Talk with Andy Jones

The Campus Cover (@TheCampusCover) is a Student Union Sports podcast featuring Cody Goggin (@CodyGoggin) and PJ Guippone (@pjguip1) primarily focusing on college sports gambling and pure nonsense. This week we had some scheduling conflicts so instead of throwing out unresearched college baseball takes, we’ll push that back to next week. Instead, here is the NFL […]

5 Programs That Should Be On “All or Nothing”

If you haven’t watched or heard of it, Amazon Prime has a documentary titled “All or Nothing” which is their “Hard Knocks” series. They had done it for the Arizona Cardinal, Los Angeles Rams, and the Dallas Cowboys. Well, after the success of the NFL teams, they released a season on the 2017-18 Michigan Wolverines…. […]

Who Are The System QB Teams In College Football

We hear it all the time. “*Insert NFL QB Here* is a system Quarterback.” Most notably, QB’s such as Blake Bortles, Joe “Elite” Flacco, and even Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.(Easily a top 5 most White name of all time) have all be slapped with the label of System QB’s. Before we jump into debates […]

Friday Fire #5

We all made it through the work or school week once again and we have been greeted by the best weekday of all time, aka the WOAT, Friday. It’s been a very interesting week with some NHL and NBA Playoffs and everyone’s favorite sports argument…Jordan vs Lebron. Also, some exciting news for us degenerates who love […]

Friday Fire: Gloomy Summer Friday

It’s the end of the work week once again and it means 2 things: 1. The weekend is finally here 2. FRIDAY FIRE Personally, I’m excited for both, but mother nature has decided to be a little bit of a party pooper on this Friday by giving us a little bit of a weather pimp […]

What Would Happen If College Football Had One-And-Done’s?

If only Mark Emmert was off of his bulls***. It is the middle of the college sports so-called “Dead Period” and we have arguments over QB Accuracy (aka the best QB in the draft, Josh Allen), Spring Games wrapping up, and NBA Playoffs in full swing. While watching the NBA Playoffs however, soothing voice and […]

Friday Fire #3

Our favorite day of the week is back folks, and it a special one. We still got no college football or basketball BUT we got possible Transfer Drama at Tuscaloosa. Still boring but it is Friday so we have decided to provide your lifeline to get you through our dead period of college sports. #HumbleBragHere […]

Why Fans Are The Greatest Thing In All Of Sports…

As many of you have heard by now, we had a tragedy occur this weekend. The Humboldt Broncos were a  Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and heading to a semifinal series when their team bus was struck by a semi-truck. 16 people have died and 13 were injured. When the sports world woke up to this news, […]

Wiscansin is about to win all of the Natty’s

“We Can’t Believe It Either” I was only 9 when the song “I Can’t Believe It” by T-Pain came out. My old iPod Nano would play the song and I’d be bobbing my head with the beat while I do whatever pre-pubescent Andy did. Then, the lyrics that changed the world would be spoken by […]

The Masters: Student Union Edition

“Hello friends and Welcome to a Tradition like any other… The Masters: Student Union Edition” -Jim Nantz The Master’s are here. The next stop on the Tiger Comeback tour has hit Augusta, Georgia, and you will find me glued to my laptop for the next few days. So, at around 1am last night in our […]

Making a Starting 22…Out of College QB’s

If you don’t know by now, I am the resident QB expert for Student Union and just an all around QB guy. I went by Andy (Jon)es Gruden for a few weeks in our Slack and love writing all about QB’s (See my TBTQB Articles). So, while sitting in my science communications lecture bored one […]

Best College Entrances/Traditions Pt.2

WE ARE BACK….. A lot of people loved and hated my last one… So with the official college “offseason” starting, I’m gonna be cranking these out weekly. In my last one, a few (hundreds) of VT fans called me out for saying Garnet and Orange…. Hands up that’s on me. I was also called out by Texas […]

TBTQB: Chase Daniel

Now, growing up watching Texas A&M play in the Big 12, I vaguely remember hearing Chase Daniel’s name every once in a while. He also played for the Chiefs and,, in a week 17 game, eliminated the Chargers from the playoffs by winning a meaningless game for KC. So, moral of the story is that […]

Stanley from The Office is now Leader of Morale for Loyola Chicago

By now, you have heard everything about Loyola Chicago: from the Rambler’s small stadium to Sister Jean (or Sister Lavar), to Alumni coming out to celebrate this small school’s Cinderella story. But recent research on the good ol’ internet has come up with yet another undiscovered treasure… That’s right, Stanley Hudson (aka Leslie David Baker) is […]

FBFQB: The Ohio State 3 (Miller, Barrett, Jones)

So a little back story. I played QB all throughout my football career before it was cut short due to a knee injury. When I played in high school, before every game, I would look up college football pump-up videos just to help ease my mind. After searching around during the 2015 season, I found […]

Sister Lavar: College Basketball’s Heel

Lavar 3:16 “For God So Loved The World That He Sent Me Amazingly Talented Yet Ugly Suns, And If The Lakers Believe In Them, Then Their Franchise Shall Be Saved” In The Name Of The Baller, The Sons, and The Lonzo 2’s… Everyone knows about Sister Jean by now. The 98-year old team Chaplin for […]

Why I Love/Hate Sports Betting…

So, March Madness is now in full swing. Sister Jean is carrying a team on her back, Nova looks like a lock for the Natty, and UVA has made history by blowing it. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, this is a college sports website, we don’t care about how you spend your money […]

The WalkOns: Episode 7 – Oklahoma is ASS CHEEKS

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE NUMBER ONE sports podcast on Student Union; probably the #1 sports pod in the entire world, honestly. This week the gang of Frank, Andy, and Anthony talk a wide variety of sports. This episode includes the gang talking about only March Madness, Snubs, and locks of the week. Once again, […]

S-E-Crean: America’s Favorite Coach Is Back

“Guess Who’s Back, Back Again…” -Eminem That’s right, America’s favorite coach Tom Crean is back in the college basketball world. On the first day of March Madness, with a buzzer beater from an underdog, big name teams struggling early in games, and the NCAA not allowing the Butler mascot into their game, this has taken […]

Brawling Green: Some Spring Break MACtion

Multiple BGSU Football players were caught on camera in a fight on the beach in Miami. I talked to Mike Jinks. He says they’re aware of the situation and they’re handling it internally. There were no charges filed. Jinks said “I’m very disappointed and we are investigating.” pic.twitter.com/ptlGZli3Ch — Jordan Strack (@JordanStrack) March 13, 2018 […]