"Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggressions without going to jail for it" - Woody Hayes

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Hometown: Canonsburg, PA

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Bill Landis

Favorite Athlete: Ezekiel Elliot

Favorite Team: Pittsburgh Steelers 

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The College Football National Championship Game

Best tradition at your college: Dana Holgerson chugging Red Bull

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Burgerz N Dog

Best class you’ve ever taken: Modern Military History

Looking Forward: Ohio State 2017

By Anthony Ventura | West Virginia University After that 31-0 embarrassment at the hands of Deshaun Watson, Ben Boulware and the entire Clemson team, it’s hard to find much positive in that game. It was the first time in his career that Urban Meyer was shutout and the first time since 1993 that Ohio State […]

College Football Recruiting Report: Marvin Wilson

Over the next couple weeks I will be doing a series on the top unsigned recruits in college football. I will be overviewing them and their recruitment as well as making predictions for their final choices. My first article today will be on the top unsigned recruit left in the ESPN 300, at number 4, […]

College Football Recruiting Report: Joseph Lewis

Hey guys, National Signing Day is coming up really soon, February 1st. To get ready for that I’ve begun to give a rundown of top unsigned recruits. If you missed my article on top defensive tackle Marvin Wilson you should go check it out. Today is my second part of the series and today I’ll […]

College Football Recruiting Report: K’Lavon Chaisson

Continuing my series on unsigned recruits before signing day took me to an unexpected turn. There was an unsigned player, LeBryan Ray, who is unsigned and I could have written an article on, however, 100% of crystal ball predictions have him to Alabama. Because of this I figured there wouldn’t be much speculation, so I […]

Dream 3v3 Squad

This past month, legendary hip-hop artist and actor Ice Cube announced that he would be launching the first ever professional 3 on 3 basketball league in 2017. Scheduled to begin its inaugural season in late June, BIG3 has already promised high level 3v3 action from a very talented cast of former NBA players; including Allen […]

Quadruple Double Pilot Episode

Frank Fanelli and Anthony Ventura of Student Union in their first podcast, Quadruple Double, recap who we think our Game of this coming Week is (1:00), Player of last week was (5:20), Upset Pick of this coming Week is (10:40), and finally Bet of this coming Week is (16:09). I’m not gonna spoil anything for […]

Big 12 Weekly Shootout: February 13

Hey guys, this is the first article of the new series I’m starting up. Friends Cody Goggin and Frank Fanelli already do weekly articles about ACC and Big Ten basketball, respectively, so I now am starting my own about Big 12 basketball. I will be recapping the previous week, as well as looking forward into […]

Quadruple Double: Episode 2

In this week’s episode, right off the bat, Frank Fanelli throws shots at Anthony Ventura and his WVU Mountaineers for their terrible breakdown in their past game vs Kansas (:30). After we settle that, we jump right into breaking down our Game of the Week (2:55), Player of this past Week (7:55), Upset prediction of […]

Big 12 Weekly Shootout: February 20

Hey guys, welcome back to another Big 12 Weekly Shootout. Friends Cody Goggin and Frank Fanelli already do weekly articles about ACC and Big Ten basketball, respectively, so I now am starting my own about Big 12 basketball. I will be recapping the previous week, as well as looking forward into the upcoming week. Look […]

Quadruple Double Episode 3

In this episode, Frank Fanelli and Anthony Ventura cover the hottest topics in College Basketball even if Frank is sounding a little sick. He is dedicated to the game! This podcast they talk about the Game of this coming week (1:15) the Upset of this coming week (7:45) Player of this past Week (13:55) and […]

Big 12 Weekly Shootout: February 27

Hey guys, welcome back to the last Big 12 Weekly Shootout before my conference tournamnet preview next week. Friends Cody Goggin and Frank Fanelli also recap the ACC and Big 12, respectively, so be sure to check those out.  Look out for these on a weekly basis if you like Big 12 basketball, as well […]

Quadruple Double Episode 4

Frank jumps right in and takes shots at WVU again for another shotty week (1:45) then we jumped right into our Game of the coming Week (4:35) then our player of last week (11:40) then Upset Watch of the Coming Week (16:40) and last but not week our Locks of the Week (26:35). We even […]

Quadruple Double Episode 5

This week Frank and Anthony have a fellow contributor from the site in Cody Goggin to help pick this weeks topics. This week is different than what we originally talked about in our podcasts before. We previewed all the conferences tournaments starting this week starting with the Big Ten (1:40), then the Pac-12 (8:00) then […]

Tournament Upset Special: Princeton

Last year the selection committee tried to pit the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the West Virginia Mountaineers as the 3-6 second round matchup in the West Region. As we all (sadly) remember, WVU blew it. Well, they didn’t really blow it, they just didn’t do anything to make it happen. Thomas Walkup and the […]

March Madness Preview: Big 12

I’d just like to start out by saying, I’m going to make predictions for all Big 12 teams in the tournament, and chances are, I will get every single one wrong. The Big 12, at least everyone except Kansas, has been wildly inconsistent all year. Add that to the fact that most of college basketball […]

Quadruple Double Episode 6

Frank and Anthony go ahead and preview the whole NCAA March Madness bracket. Starting off with the first round games for every game…..literally. Then out of the remaining teams in each region, we picked who we think would make the Elite 8 and Final 4. Then we go head and head and disagree with our […]

Best Sweet 16 Matchups: Kentucky vs UCLA

The first 2 days of this years NCAA tournament were… weak. There were relatively no upsets and most of the upsets that did happen, weren’t really upsets. #12 seed Middle Tennessee State “upset” #5 seed Minnesota even though MTSU was actually favored by Vegas at tip-off. Fortunately, a weak round of 64 set up for […]

Bob Huggins is a Terrible March Coach

Okay, so to start, yes Bob Huggins is a good coach. Yes, he is one of the top coaches in college basketball right now, I mean c’mon 813 wins, enough said. But just because he is a good coach overall doesn’t mean he is a good coach in March. In fact, he’s actually a terrible […]

The Student Union Sports Podcast: Episode 1

We hope you enjoy the first ever episode of the Student Union Sports Podcast. The goal of this specific Podcast is to offer a look at college sports from the perspective of actual college students while also highlighting our talented student writers. Today’s episode is full of preseason speculation, big takes, and Dabo Swinney bashing….Let […]

Big Ten East Preview

Fellow Big Ten fan Anthony Ventura and I decided to team up and tackle the East together, which is by far the better of the two divisions in the Big Ten. It is a division whose competitiveness is obvious, since the winner is usually decided within the last two weeks of the season. The division has […]

Ohio State’s QB Issues

Anybody with eyes can see that Ohio State football is not in a great spot right now. Their offense specifically has been in a rut in 3 of the last 4 games they’ve played, dating back to last season. There are many theories as to who is to blame for the struggles; Ohio State fans […]

Student Union Staff CFB Roundtable

We are now three weeks into the college football season. With conference play beginning for most teams this weekend, some of our writers sat down to discuss the biggest story lines of the season so far and preview what is sure to be a wild rest of the year. What has been the best moment […]

TCU Dominates the Pokes in Stillwater

What is the most beautiful thing in the world? Romantics might say a sunset, teenage boys might lean towards Margot Robbie, but I’m different. I’m a football fan and clearly the most beautiful thing in the world is a Mason Rudolph deep ball. Seeing that ball fly through the air to be dropped on a […]

Jim Harbaugh is Actually Not a Good Coach

As an Ohio State fan it feels good to know that the Buckeyes have the second best coach in college football: Urban Meyer. He’s 66-7 in his time at Ohio State, which ranks near the top of the nation since he began his tenure. He has won a national championship in Columbus and has been […]

The Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat

Welcome everyone to the all new weekly segment, the BUTCH JONES CHAMPIONSHIP OF LIFE HOT SEAT!!! I know you are all very excited but before we dive in let me break down the format. We are going to have 3 tiers of hot seats. All 3 tiers will be named based on infamous Butch Jones […]

Shower Thoughts with Anthony

We all know the feeling when you’re in the shower and sometimes you get bored and you just start thinking about random things. Well since college football consumes my entire existence, all of my thoughts revolve around college football. In this article, I’m just going to list some thoughts that have recently popped into my […]

The Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat: Week 9

Welcome back to the second installment of the critically acclaimed, award winning series, Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat. In this installment we are going to check in on our hot seat coaches, see whether their seats have gotten hotter or colder and  look ahead. So time to move down through the 7 levels […]

Surprise, Suprise, Mountaineer DUI

Well, folks, I’d be lying if I said this was a surprise. West Virginia University. The former number 1 party school in the country. (We are 2 right now but in all honesty, everyone knows we are better than Tulane who is number 1).  A guy that legit might be straight from the mountains (I […]

The Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat: Week 10

There was a huge surprise from the hot seat world this past week with Florida firing coach Jim McElwain. He had been to the SEC championship game each of the last 2 seasons with records of 10-4 and 9-4 in each year respectively. This year, Florida has looked terrible in a 3-4 start so the […]

The Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat: Week 11

There has to be some conspiracy here to not fire coaches until the end of the season, because there are four coaches on my hot seat right now that should be out of a job and the fact they aren’t already is a crime. Everyone agrees they should be fired, so I’m just going to […]

Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat: Week 12

Well folks, it has finally happened. The man who should have been fired about 2 years ago has finally buckled. This week, Butch Jones got fired from the head coach position of Tennessee. Next year I am going to have to find a new name for this hot seat, but I am going to finish […]

Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat: Week 13

We have come to the final week of the regular season. Many coaches still have jobs waiting to be fired. We have a coach who isn’t on the hot seat that is apparently getting fired after the game this week. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin will most likely be fired after the LSU game, according […]

Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat: Championship Week

Welcome to the final installment of this year’s Butch Jones Championship of Life Hot Seat. We are going to do things differently this week since we have come to the end of the regular season we already have a slew of firings and new hirings. All coaches on the first 2 tiers have been fired, […]

Why Rutgers Will Win the 2018 Big Ten Championship

You are reading that correctly, Rutgers is going to win the Big Ten Championship next year. On the eve of the 2017 Big Ten Championship, I’m telling you why Rutgers will win the 2018 installment. Earlier this season, I made and lost a bet with a fellow contributor on the outcome of a Cowboys football […]

Jackson Carman Commits to Clemson

Happy holidays everyone and welcome to the most important day of the next week all across the southern United States: it’s early decision day. Top players all across the country will be making decisions on where they want to get an education for the next 4 years and maybe play a little football. Anyone reading […]

It’s Time to Talk About Ohio State Basketball

So about this whole Big Ten situation, maybe it’s not just Purdue and Michigan State. There seems to be a new player in this, and it’s Ohio State. At the beginning of the season, many projected the Buckeyes to finish between 10th and 13th in the Big Ten. Sure, they brought in a good new […]

The WalkOns: Episode 1

Welcome ladies and gents to the first recording of The WalkOns with your favorite writers Frank Fanelli, Anthony Ventura, and Andy Jones. In this episode we talk about literally anything you can think of that involves sports, from college sports to the pros. Give it a listen and let us know what y’all think!

The Student Union Sports Podcast: Trivia Edition

Todays Episode of the Student Union Sports Podcast features the first round of the Student Union Trivia Tournament of Champions (Its a working title…) Writers competing include Johnny Rambos, PJ Guippone, Cody Goggin, Bucky Grimes, Nolan Davis, Sam Tschida, Brendan Smith, Luke Matthews, Big Takes, Austin Montgomery, Frank Fanelli, and Anthony Ventura. Matchup guide Group […]

Ohio State Basketball is Overrated

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article saying how we need to talk about Ohio State basketball more. Am I saying I was wrong? no, I’m never wrong, but I may have overstated it. Everything I said was right. Ohio State is playing very well and they’re far outperforming expectations. They even have a […]

Pair of Buckeyes Win Postseason Awards

The Big Ten regular season officially wrapped up on Sunday, and the whole conference is now in postseason mode as Michigan State gears up to defend their #1 seed in the conference tournament starting this upcoming Wednesday. With postseason mode a full go, the conference decided to give out their postseason awards, as well as […]

The WalkOns: Episode 5 – The Fortnite Craze

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE NUMBER ONE sports podcast on Student Union; probably the #1 sports pod in the entire world, honestly. This week the gang of Frank, Andy, and Anthony talk a wide variety of sports. This episode includes the gang talking about Sean Miller and how dumb he is, the start of the […]

My Worst Nightmare

As an Ohio State fan there are 2 things in this world that truly make me happy; Ohio State winning, and Michigan losing. Unfortunately for me and Ohio State fans everywhere, when the brackets were released I had the exact opposite feeling in my gut. I saw Ohio State matched up with SDSU on the […]

The WalkOns: Episode 7 – Oklahoma is ASS CHEEKS

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE NUMBER ONE sports podcast on Student Union; probably the #1 sports pod in the entire world, honestly. This week the gang of Frank, Andy, and Anthony talk a wide variety of sports. This episode includes the gang talking about only March Madness, Snubs, and locks of the week. Once again, […]

Villanova’s Best Pro Ever

Following Villanova’s second title in three years, I will take a look at the best pro player to ever come out of Villanova, Kyle Lowry. This opinion comes straight from Student Union’s resident Villanova fan, PJ Guippone. As a West Virginia student, and considering Villanova beat WVU on the way to the championship, I will […]

Joe Burrow Transfers from Ohio State

This week QB Joe Burrow from Ohio State announced on twitter that he will be leaving the program. It was long speculated that Burrow would leave as he is a 5th year senior and is also expected to currently be trailing Dwayne Haskins in the race to replace All-Big Ten QB JT Barrett. There are […]

What if Terrelle Pryor Didn’t Get Suspended in 2011?

We are officially in the terrible dead area between college basketball ending and college football beginning. So with fall camp not starting for a little while, I am going to take a look back at the past few years at Ohio State instead of looking forward to the upcoming year. I think we can all […]

College Football Teams as World Cup Participants

In the wake of world soccer giant Germany getting bounced from the tournament in the group stage, I will look back at college programs from last season and compare them to the teams currently at the World Cup. I must of course start with the now-ousted German Squad. 1 Germany = Florida State Germany is […]

Top 5 Quarterbacks in the Big Ten

It’s shaping up to be a great year in the college football universe with the season right around the corner. As the Big Ten tries to make the leap to becoming the best conference in college football (if it’s not already), I think it is important to look at the most valuable position in football, […]

Student Union CFB Preview: Pittsburgh

Pat Narduzzi is still trying to get in his groove since becoming the head coach of the Pitt Panthers. He and Mark Dantonio worked well together at Michigan State, but Narduzzi hasn’t enjoyed anywhere close to that level of success since coming here. They will have a very young team and could look to make […]

Student Union CFB Preview: Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech hasn’t threatened for a conference title since 2014,  but Paul Johnson’s crew is always a threat to cause problems for non conference and conference opponents alike. With the beauty of the triple option offense just about impossible to prepare for, Georgia Tech will strike fear into any high profile team on their schedule. […]