"I regret nothing.  The end." - Ron Swanson

Twitter: @BobbyBishop72

Hometown: South Hadley, MA

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Ryen Russilo

Favorite Athlete: USC Reggie Bush

Favorite Team: Atlanta Falcons

Best tradition at your college: Apparently small D2 schools don’t have any popular traditions or cool places to eat. Probably should of looked into this before I transfered.

Best class you’ve ever taken: I’m probably the only criminal justice major on the site, so my favorite classes don’t really apply to this. I’d have to say my first Journalism class though. It was a random class that first introduced me to writing.

College Footballs Hidden Gem: Diontae Johnson

Ever hear one of those scouting stories like, “Oh I found (insert player) while watching film on (insert player)”. Well, I’m not a scout. But I was watching some film on Quarterback Logan Woodside (really just his highlight tapes) and noticed this dynamic, fast and sure handed wide receiver making incredible catches all over the […]

Sorry for Rambling: Let’s Talk Money

It’s late January and college sports are somewhat slow. The Super Bowl’s keeping everyone’s attention before College Basketball really takes off. I’ll be honest, I ramble to my friends way to often. I call one friend probably twice a day just to complain about something in sports. Well, now I’ll be writing the rambles here […]

Why can’t Hawaii recruit?

It’s 5 degrees outside and it just snowed. I’m sitting in class thinking why am I at American International College in Massachusetts? I fully regret not being at Miami, Florida State, University of Southern Cal, or most of all, I regret not going to the University of Hawaii. It gets me thinking, how come the […]

How the CFB Playoffs Should Actually look

The College Football Playoff is a broken system that will go on until the TV contract and the advertising deals run their course.  Everyone has their own opinions about the College Football Playoff. Some like the new four team layout, some people want eight teams, and everyone fucking hated the BCS. But if we’re being […]

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Preview

Let me tell you one reason to watch the Idaho Potato Bowl. The Pride of MACtion is on the line with Central Michigan taking the field and I refuse to believe they won’t show out for the greatest conference on earth. Also, the quarterback situation should be really fun and I truly believe it’ll be […]

Buckle Up, It’s Bowl Season

  Orange Bowl 2017, Florida State vs. Michigan Buckle the fuck up guys. It’s bowl season out here and it’s going to be an absolute electric factory. Now, I know what you’re thinking right now. “Man they’re just going to give us some shitty match ups”. FALSE. They come off the bat with the Celebration […]

Why I Believe Everything Lane Kiffin Says

It makes sense why some people aren’t on board the Lane Train. If you’re a Raiders fan, A USC fan, or a Tennessee fan, I may get it. He was young and jumped from one prestige job to the next. But besides those fan bases, it’s hard to find a reason to hate him. The […]

UCF: The Most Underrated Team in College Football

The University of Central Florida is looking for a shot at the “big boys” of College Football. The American Athletic Conference isn’t getting much love from any of the polls, especially the only one that actually matters. The Playoff committee doesn’t care at all about the AAC and it’s hard not to understand why. Besides […]

Early Take: Vermont Basketball

Vermont Basketball might win 30 games without anyone noticing until March and then be a favorite for a few upsets.  There’s no way I can see anyone but Vermont winning the America East Conference. This team isn’t just aiming for simply a birth in the NCAA Tournament in March, though. The Catamounts could be a […]

Army Football: Actually Good

Army’s football team is starting to gain some momentum this season, running the triple option to near perfection. There’s a certain bad feeling you get when watching a game and rooting against a service academy team. Those guys are going to school in preparation to defend our freedom and protect the greatest country on earth. […]

The U is “this close” to being back

The U is finally on it’s way back to the top of the college football world after a decade plus absence.  Every college football season, fans gather to ponder the same questions. Is Texas back?  How about USC? Is Butch Jones fired yet? Is the U back? The first three seem to be no’s, but […]