Chris Schneider

"I told my girl to whisper something sexy in my she said 'Go Green, Go White!'" - Unknown

Twitter: @c_schneider20

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, MI

Favorite Sports Media Journalist: Joe Rexrode

Favorite Athlete: Pavel Datsyuk

Favorite Team: Detroit Tigers

If you could cover any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The College Football Playoffs

Best tradition at your college: "The Spartan Walk" in which fans line the path from the Kellogg Center to Spartan Stadium as the football team makes the 10 minute walk to the stadium, each player rubbing the Spartan Statue's feet as they walk by for good luck.

The restaurant you most frequent in your college town: Crunchy's

Best class you’ve ever taken: Writing: Men in America

Mid-February College Hoops Recap: GIF Style

We’re only halfway through February and it’s already been a crazy month of college hoops. Whether you haven’t been keeping up with the games or just want a refresher of all the dope shit that has been going on, you’re in the right place. This is the Mid-February College Hoops Recap: GIF style. “Duke is […]

GIF Recap of January in College Hoops

  Well, folks, it’s been a pretty wild college hoops season thus far and January did not fail to live up to that hype. Whether you watched upwards of 30 games this past month or just a few, I’m here to give you a recap of January in College Hoops, GIF style. WHO’S HOT Arizona […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Championship/Title Game Previews

Get your greasy pizza and 30 racks of Busch light ready folks, because we got one hell of a weekend of college football coming up! Conference Championship/Title Games are here and they are going to provide must-see TV both Friday and Saturday night. So, basically what I’m advising you to do is to get the […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 13 Preview

The regular season of college football is slowly drawing to an end and I can’t believe how fast it has gone! Week 13 is looking like it could be one of our best weeks all year with major rivalries, top 10 matchups, and of course the race for conference championships. But.. before I dive into how […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 12 Preview

I want to open up this week’s article with the famous words of Mickey Redmond, “Holy Jumpin!” That was one hell of a week 11. 3 of the top 4 teams in the country were upset, throwing the College Football Playoff all out of whack! If you are a fan of chaos and high-stakes football […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 11 Preview

Welcome back to another week of Touchdowns & Tailgates! I can’t believe it’s already week 11. There are only a few more weeks left in the regular season and for many schools, the next few weeks will be the deciding factor on whether they can make a national championship run, conference championship run, or in […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 10 Preview

It’s already week 10 and we have just over a month left in the College Football Playoff race. The pressure is on and I can already tell it is going to be a wild ride! This weekend is no exception, with a ton of “make or break” games this weekend, you’re not going to want […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Previewing MSU-Michigan

How’s it going guys! Welcome back to another edition of Touchdowns & Tailgates. Week 8 was a crazy weekend of football and I’m still not sure how Erik Oakley is alive after how lit Penn State’s campus was last weekend. Now, for those of you who don’t usually read Touchdowns & Tailgates, we usually do […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 8 Preview

Will this be the week Alabama finally falls from grace? Can Iowa pull the upset over a Wisconsin team that has lost two in a row? How bad will Michigan embarrass Illinois? Does Auburn have what it takes to beat Arkansas? Will Michigan State continue to suck more than a blonde with daddy issues? These […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 7 Preview

Man oh man, what a weekend. Ah, yes week 6 was a wild week of College Football, full of kickass tailgates and blocked game-winning PATs. Houston can say goodbye to their playoff hopes after getting upset by Navy, and my MSU Spartans reminded everyone they have some MAJOR flaws on both sides of the ball. And […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 6 Preview

Welcome back to another edition of Touchdowns & Tailgates. Week 5 had some really awesome matchups and it showed us a lot about the top teams in the country. For one, Deshaun Watson and Clemson reminded Louisville and the rest of the nation why they were in the goddamn Natty Championship last year. Washington is […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 5 Preview

There was not nearly enough natty light in East Lansing to drink away the pain last Saturday night. But with that said, it’s a brand new week of college football and I’m ready for this week’s games. Speaking of this week’s games, multiple games will have major playoff implications, meaning we have some awesome MUST […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 4 Preview

How’s it goin’ guys?! I hope your livers have recovered from last weekend and you’re as ready for week 4 as I am. I finally found my pants, and I’m ready for another awesome week 4 as we have some fucking awesome matchups this week that are MUST WATCH games. Let’s dive into em’. Chris’ MUST […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 3 Preview

What’s going on College Football fans! My name is Chris and welcome to the Week 3 edition of Touchdowns & Tailgates. We’ve got some totally rad match-ups this week, and I’m going to give you my MUST WATCH games for the weekend, but first, let’s get some thoughts about week 2. After fans across the country, […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Week 2 Preview

WOW. Welcome back people! What a kickoff weekend that was, am I right?! I don’t know about you, but it was everything I expected and more, with great games every day of the weekend; safe to say I was nowhere near ready for my 8 AM class Tuesday morning. Anywho, it turns out what I […]

Touchdowns & Tailgates: Kickoff Weekend Preview

Suhhh dude. My name is Chris and this is Touchdowns & Tailgates. Look folks, it is officially the most wonderful time of the year, college football season, and I’m so stoked. The only thing keeping my mind off football this week has been all these freshman girls rolling onto campus. Good golly….okay now back to […]

The Kickoff

Here at Student Union, we are getting excited for the upcoming college football season!  We have spent the entire summer preparing for our 2nd football season as a site. We’ve been working with our contributors to bring you the most authentic voice directly from campus. This season we are losing the tie and letting our hair […]

Student Union’s March Madness – Live Blog

Student Union presents a running commentary on the first round of the NCAA Tournament our top Contributors.  Join us by leaving comments in the blog or tweet @StudentUSports and our Contributors if you have some thoughts!

Big 10 Basketball: The CliffsNotes

Three Most Valuable Players: 1. Denzel Valentine, Michigan State The stat lines of 19 ppg/7 rpg/7 apg that Denzel Valentine put up this season are unbelievable, but even the stats don’t do justice to how good he has been this year. Valentine is solid in so many aspects of the game that go unnoticed sometimes, […]

How Good is Maryland Actually?

The Maryland Terrapins 2015-16 season has been filled with fans saying “Wow they’re good!” on many nights, but on other nights saying “Uh…what was that?” The Terps started the season on a great run, going 15-1 through their first 16 games, with their only loss being to a very solid North Carolina team. In their […]

2015 Big Ten Football GIF Year in Review

We’re taking a look back at the B1G college football year in the most sophisticated way possible…using GIFs!  You won’t find a more in-depth breakdown of each team’s season anywhere else on the internet. Iowa: An awesome undefeated regular season record all came crashing to the ground when Iowa lost the Big Ten Championship and […]